The Emotion of Color

Color has the ability to evoke strong emotions in all of us. When we are exposed to color we almost immediately have a feeling about it. Color is probably an even stronger trigger of emotion than sound or smell.

Color can mean different things to different people, but most of us have a similar emotional response. Understanding the emotion of a color can help us pick the right “color emotion” for each room of our home.

Red is the color of fire and blood. Red represents energy, strength, power, passion and love. Hues can range from a very light pink which is associated with innocence, first love and romance, to a dark, passionate fiery red. Red can be used in any room that you want to create a feeling of drama, passion and energy.


Orange and yellow are associated with happiness, creativity, intelligence and heat. Most think of sunny, tropical days when we see these colors. Both can stimulate activity in the brain, making them good colors to use in a workspace. A darker orange makes us think of spices and can stimulate the appetite, which is great for a dining room. A pale yellow is considered soft and delicate and is often used in nurseries.


Green is the color of nature; it is considered to be a neutral color and will compliment most other colors. Think of plants and flowers; every color of flower goes well with it’s supporting foliage. Green represents nature, harmony and growth. Because of its connection with nature, green is considered to be relaxing, making it ideal for almost any room in your home.


Blue and purple are associated with the sky and ocean. These colors represent trust, loyalty, truth, luxury and nobility. In their lighter forms blue and purple tend to be associated with youth, innocence and sweetness. The deeper colors tend to be thought of as rich, luxurious and royal.


White is traditionally thought of as clean and pure. In the past several years, white has been over-used in houses and for many has become boring. However, a clean, bright white wall can showcase furnishings and artwork beautifully.


Black is associated with elegance, formality, and mystery. Using black in your home will show a great deal of drama and can be an excellent backdrop for bold colors such as red and yellow. Black, white and gold will look very elegant.

Next time you’re picking a color for a room, think of how you want to feel in that room.