The New PPG Brand!

For many years now, Sharper Impressions Painting has taken pride in the utilization of the best products for your home and business.

We use only the best paint manufactures. One of our most loyal and best performing paint brands on both the interior and exterior is PPG Industries. You may recognize the Porter, Glidden and Pittsburgh Paint lines from PPG. With the new rebranding campaign, all these established brands are all coming under one paint store roof and one paint name, PPG Paints.

PPG is the largest paint manufacture in the world! It constantly proves thru independent testing to be thicker, brighter and longer lasting than other brands. This is why we pride ourselves in our partnership with PPG.

Over the past year, PPG has placed a large focus on enhancing their services and presence as a whole to us and our customers. PPG now possesses 600 PPG company-owned paint stores, 5,000 independent dealer locations and 2,000 home center outlets. PPG offers more locations for distributing their product than any other manufacturer in the country. It means you can choose your paint colors easily. It means we can get all the best products from local stores. And it means your home or business can get the best paint applied by the best painter.

The prestigious reputation of PPG Paints and industry leading material warranty is one reason why Sharper Impressions Painting utilizes their quality products for your interior and exterior painting.

Contact Sharper Impressions Painting today to schedule your free painting quote and to learn more about the PPG Paints difference.