The Sky’s the Limit!

Things just got a little greener here at Sharper Impressions Painting… and I’m not talking about a new color of paint. The new skylights installed in our 3,000 square foot office and warehouse are another step we’ve taken to operate our business in a more environmentally friendly way.

In the past year, we’ve implemented several other green initiatives that have had a huge, positive impact on the environment.

  • We erased our carbon footprint by joining
  • We are a nearly paperless office thanks to our Intranet database
  • All Sharper Impressions Painting products continue to be Low or No VOC
  • Our bee boxes support the local honey bee population’s struggling pollination efforts
  • Newly installed insulation increases energy efficiency and reduces costs
  • All possible office waste is recycled
  • Finally, our new skylights are installed!

With the skylights, we’re saving money by harnessing solar energy, replacing over 800 kilowatts of office and warehouse lighting used each year. Not only was our old lighting system costly, with warehouse lights on the same circuits as other office lighting, but many times they were left on without need, especially when only one late-night worker was in another part of the building. A big waste!

We anticipated saving the use of only four large high bay lights. However, after installation, we are surprisingly proud to announce, that NO lighting needs to be turned on in the office during the regular work day. The skylights have been a great addition to our green efforts.

Aside from the economic and financial positives, the skylights improve our office atmosphere. There’s an outdoors-y feel and a calming view of clouds passing by. Employees who work on the second floor no longer have to contend with the bright, glaring electric light and all of us have noticed the absence of that annoying “buzz” from rows of fixtures. Overall there’s a cozier, more natural feeling to our workspace. Stop by to see us, anytime!

While the profit from electrical cost-savings won’t be seen for about 8 years, we feel pretty good about doing our part to help operate an eco-friendly business and… getting closer to nature at the same time.

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