Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Home

Deciding that your home needs a makeover and actually getting around to the task in hand can be two very different things. And if you’re slightly prone to procrastination, choosing which paint colors to use can morph into a daunting task if you’re not sure which hues will work best in your rooms.

With that in mind, Sharper Impressions Painting present these tried-and-tested tricks to help you select the perfect paint palette for your home’s interior.

Dip your toe into the paint pot

If you’re not accustomed to living in a brightly colored home and you’ve decided you want to dial your beige rooms up a notch, but you’re a little afraid of going all out and finding out that the color you’ve chosen isn’t for you, try starting small. The best way of doing this is to play around with color in a small room or area: a walk-in closet, an en-suite bathroom, a utility room, or even a small hallway. If you don’t instantly love the finished result, give it a period of grace so that you can decide whether or not it grows on you. Then if you decide that you do want to switch back to basics, you haven’t spent too much time, effort or money on the project.

Passion and drama or chilled-out bliss?

Once you’re ready to move on to painting a larger area or room, to help you choose the right color it is helpful to start off by considering your end goal. Do you want your family room to be a chilled-out zone where you can gather as a group to sit and read, or do you want it to be a fun place where you play games and hold impromptu parties? If it’s the former you will probably want to opt for softer neutrals such as a warm shade of brown, and if it’s the latter you may decide zesty orange is more for you. The same goes for bedrooms: do you want a relaxing and restful atmosphere – perhaps in lilac or blue – or a passionate and sensual, deep red boudoir?

Creating a cohesive connection

Another factor to take into consideration is whether or not your rooms are connecting. There’s probably not too much point getting hung up on whether your lime green dining room clashes with your bright red kitchen if they are in different areas of your home, or if they connect by a door. However, if you have an open-plan kitchen-diner, this is something that needs to be carefully thought through. Of course, you can divide designated areas by painting them different hues, but make sure the end result is coherent. Even if your rooms aren’t open plan, if you can see into one room from another, through an open archway for example, try and make sure your colors flow.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Now you’re really sold on the idea of using color in your home, you may decide that you want to try combining two or more colors in a single room. But how do you know what will work? If you’ve always loved hot pink and primrose yellow but you’re not entirely convinced they’ll make a perfect match in a single room (tip: they probably won’t!), using a color wheel is a great way to find out – without making a costly and headache-inducing error of judgement. The wheel will show you which colors are opposite to – and complement – one another, for example orange and blue, and which are too close on the spectrum to really work together, such as red and purple. This is a great way of not only finding out if your two favorite hues work together, but also discovering new, hitherto-unthought-of color combinations.

It’s time to see the light

It’s important to factor in the lighting in a room when deciding which color or colors to paint it. If the room has an abundance of natural daylight, painting all the walls a deep red might be too intense, as natural light shows a color at its ‘truest’. Bear in mind that artificial lighting will bring out warm tones such as orange and yellow so, if you are really in love with that dark red paint swatch, it might be best employed on an accent wall, or in an alcove where you can highlight it with a carefully positioned lamp or spotlight. On a similar note, be careful when painting a small space in a very overpowering color, as this could appear to shrink the room quite drastically.

Once you’ve decided on your home’s color palette, why not pick up the phone and give the team at Sharper Impressions Painting a call? We have years of experience decorating homes of all shapes and sizes, and will be happy to quote you for turning your color scheme dreams into rainbow reality.