Top Five Home Interior Design Trends For 2016

2016 is fast approaching – will redecorating your home’s interior be one of the resolutions you set yourself as you welcome in the new year? If so, these five major interior design trends for the coming twelve months will help you in rejuvenating and upgrading your living space. Enjoy the journey of redecorating anew, but don’t forget to embrace your home’s quirks while incorporating one or a few of these definitive styles to maintain a lively home balance.

Artisan accent pieces

It’s the year to start finding inspiration in locally made goods, and those from further afield but crafted by small-scale artisans. If you can manage both, by patronizing individual craftsmen and women in your own area, then so much the better! Nubby wool, natural fibers, organic shapes, and neutral hues will be the go-to textures, designs and colors for home interiors in 2016. Those handcrafted and vintage finds you picked up while traveling or browsing local shops and flea markets are set to take center stage. Don’t be afraid to mix these unique pieces, and their personal stories about your life, with big-box store furniture or even high-end interiors – they can be a great way to soften out bold colors and dramatic statement pieces.

Mixed metallics

One major trend foreseen for the year is decorating with mixed metallics. Just a touch of these metals can instantly make your space more infinitely glamorous. Both glimmering and warm metals – such as silver, platinum, brass, gold, copper, and those in rose tones – have the power to give a mid-century retro nod to otherwise dull areas of a room. Make sure you mix your assortment of metallic pieces with different, softer textures like mohair, velvet and wool, in order to balance them out and avoid going overboard on the bling-bling.

Eco and sustainable

A lush green and natural presence is coming in strong, bringing the outdoors indoors. As this trend progresses, we expect to see more greenery and other environmentally friendly design choices being injected into homes, even in less obvious spaces like the bathroom or kitchen. Aside from the obvious opportunities to build plant life and garden elements into home interiors, sustainability will also be at the heart of design choices next year. We’ve seen the popularity of upcycling grow in recent times, and recycling, repurposing, reinventing, and reusing will be buzzwords for both homeowners and furniture designers in 2016.

Art Deco inspiration

‘Farmhouse chic’ is officially on its way out, as Art Deco-inspired patterns are among some of the biggest design trends set to take center stage 2016. Natural colors and textures will be contrasted by retro Art Deco statement pieces, as the style makes a bold comeback with its trademark geometric patterns and honeycomb shapes woven into everything from wallpaper to artwork. Fluid geometry is on the up more widely, too. Wax-based encaustic-painted tiles will also be popping up on kitchen backsplashes, floors and countertops, bathroom showers, and even on fireplace mantles.

Color drama

With Art Deco seeing a resurgence in 2016, so will dramatic use of color. Bold, statement hues can be put to great effect on almost anything, from tropical motifs on wallpaper, trays and vases, to ethnic or tribal prints and patterns on furniture, walls, and pillow cases. These motifs are already somewhat of a standard in the world of design but, for an idea of what to expect next year, think ‘new interpretations’ in color. That means bold reds, vibrant oranges, mustard yellows and natural greens, mixed with a traditional palette of blacks, browns, grays, and creams. When incorporating bold color into a space, make sure you focus on an overall dramatic theme. You can do this by using a thread of a color or strong shade that is continued from room to room, creating fluid movement and visual harmony.

What should you expect overall from the world of interior design in 2016? And how should you go about bringing these trends into your own home? Be brave in creating truly custom looks by showcasing artisan pieces, mixing metallics, bringing nature indoors, injecting geometric patterns, and using bold color – all in a harmonious fashion. You don’t need to follow these trends word for word but, by keeping them in mind as you consider which redecoration and renovation projects to tackle in the year ahead, you’ll keep your home updated and on-trend, as well as providing a fresh look for you and your family to enjoy all year.

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