Transform Your Room With a Change of Color

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We all have that one room in our house that just feels much smaller than it really is. Maybe it’s your living room, master bedroom or dining room. Whichever room it happens to be, there are solutions for making your tiny room feel larger, and color is a great variable to change your perspective.

When it comes to painting, the general rule is the lighter the color, the bigger and brighter the room will appear.

Lately, we have noticed an interesting trend on transforming rooms. Many customers are turning a lot of old school wood baseboards, window/door frames and trim areas on the inside of houses into fresh, glossy white paint.

All of our homeowners are going crazy right now using distressed wood from barns and old factories being remodeled downtown. That wood needs a little TLC first however. Antiquing this beautiful wood with furniture paint and matte clear coat can turn distressed wood into beautiful tables and shelves. A perfect fit for today’s modern homes and gastropub style restaurants!

Once you complete those stylistic projects however, you need some color to make it POP!  We have had great luck finalizing our projects by adding the blue shade ‘Paradise Found’ to the walls.

PPG Paints named ‘Paradise Found’ its Color of the Year for 2016. This soft undertone of blue works amazingly in complementing all the distressed wood furniture that is hot right now.

Anyone can transform that small, boring room into a modern and rustic sanctuary for you and your family!