What to Expect From Your Color Consultation

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I’ve listed a few tips below to help get you ready for your color consultation. Most of all relax and get ready to uncover your color choices.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Color Consultation:

  • Do take advantage of our free color try on program before scheduling a color consultant. This is easy. Just head into your local paint store with your painting contract, choose a couple color ideas off the wall of color swatches at the paint store, the store employee will custom mix two colors for you, give you them in two small containers with two foam brushes. You can try the colors on the wall before a color consultant even comes to your home!
  • Do look at pictures, color samples and other homes when getting ready for a consultation. This will help you realize your own color preferences and pass them on to your consultant.
  • Don’t go into the color consulting meeting with a closed mind, i.e., this room must be painted beige because it’s always been beige.
  • Do have all decision makers at the consultation, if possible. It can be very frustrating trying to pick colors that you think someone else may like. If everyone is in attendance, it makes it easier and more fun to arrive at color choices that everyone likes.
  • Don’t expect your consultant to pick your colors for you. A good color consultant will listen to you and guide you to your color preferences.
  • Do feel free to ask lots of questions. Color consultants are trained in color theory and design and are happy to answer all of your questions.
  • Don’t ever feel that you are not good at color. Everyone knows what he or she like, sometimes it takes a little coaching to bring it to the surface.
  • Do plan on having fun. A color consultation is a very positive, fun experience that results in a home that you love.