Where will you find your color inspiration?

One of our Managers took their wife on a vacation to the beach.

The night before a large storm washed to the shore the most seashells she had ever seen.

First thing in the morning she was seashell hunting! 😊

She took some great photos of the shells with different backgrounds.

Being married to a professional painter she started comparing the shells to paint color swatches.

She found some inspiration in the natural colors and textures of the shells. She then corresponded the shell colors to areas in and around the home.

Where will you find your color inspiration?

This coral color would be great for a foyer bath.

Natures black and white could be perfect in a room with some distressed wood as seen in against this dock wood.

This tan and taupe color combo would look great in a living room with a brown leather sofa and some wood around a fireplace.

This deep grey, nearly black, would be a great accent wall in a master bedroom.

Some fun colors and textures for kitchen walls and trim.

This would be a great fireplace brick or stone painting color pattern.

Instead of stock white on your exterior trim, how but this mother natures version of a creamy white.

This grey along with some natural wood could make a sunroom really pop.