Why High Quality Paint is Best for your Home Interior Painting Project

Decorative interior painting trends and styles change in the blink of an eye. There is one constant, though- product quality and performance levels vary. Here is a guide to selecting appropriate interior paint and why utilizing higher-grade products is always the better option.

Naturally, the homeowners will have the color selection for the space as top priority, while it’s up to the professional to keep performance in mind, for example: surface type to be painted, how the space will be used, etc. The previously mentioned aspects are crucial components to defining the appropriate sheen and finish to use.

Parallel with most all purchased products, you essentially get in return the amount of money you put in. This means, quality comes with a price and any kind of deal will never usually pan out to be a deal, whatsoever. Even though premium paints are primarily more costly per gallon, you can guarantee that only first-rate ingredients make up these paints. For example, you can find more pigment and resin, and fewer solvents, which tend to be more present in lower grade products.

Recent increases in experimentation and technology have also lead to radical advancements in the painting industry. Most premium paints maintain about a 40% capacity of liquid and roughly 60% pigment. This combination causes the product to better bind to the wall. Most professionals will also attest that lower-quality paints do not spread as evenly, nor cover as smoothly, when compared to premium paint. These lower-grade products tend to be more watered down as well, which, in turn, leads to the necessary application of more coats of paint, compared to products with higher quality.

To add to their reputation, products with higher supremacy are stain-resistant, which makes for more user-friendly cleaning and maintenance. Whereas generous washing of a wall with cheaper paint will usually end up with the removal of some of the color.

In summary, though you may think that you are saving a few dollars by purchasing the “bargain” product, in the long run, the quality of the paint job will suffer. Premium paints may be on the more expensive end, but can assure durability, coverage and a long-lasting finish. You can be certain that Sharper Impressions Painting only applies the best paint suitable for your home. To schedule your FREE painting quote, visit our website at www.sharperimpressionspainting.com, or by calling us at (877) 665- 5566.