Winter Interior Paint Color Trends: Popular Interior Paint Colors for Winter

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winter interior paint color trends

Believe it or not, winter is the perfect time to tackle interior painting projects. It allows you to give your home a fresh look before spring hits and with these interior paint color trends for winter, you won’t want to wait until spring to paint anyway!

Popular Interior Paint Color Trends for Winter

While we’ve loved the grey and greige neutral trends from the past several years, these winter interior paint color trends offer a welcome alternative to these old standbys. These trends focus on shades that feel fully saturated, but don’t overwhelm the eye or space with bright color. In fact, many of these colors are neutrals in their own right, but they provide a twist on what it means to be “background.”

Here are some of our favorite winter interior paint color trends.

Schoolhouse green

Neutral to warm-neutral saturated greens are making a comeback this winter. The tones are reminiscent of a classroom chalkboard, or even bring to mind the industrial green paint that graced the halls of many an elementary school. But these greens are anything but boring or rote and manage to both pack a punch of color, and fade prettily into the background.

winter interior paint color trends green

They make yellows and golds pop, and if you’ve hopped on the blush pink trend with your furniture or accessories, it makes for a vintage color combo that feels fresh. If you’re tastes run a little quieter, that’s great, too. These greens are pulled right from nature, so they go with everything and can lean toward restful just as easily as they can shout.

If you prefer restful or spa-like vibes in your home, look for true neutral greens which have an equal amount of yellow and blue in them. For a little more vibrance or to be truly on trend, look for greens that have more yellow, gray or olive tones.

Our favorite interior green paint colors for winter

Moss Ring – a deep, mature green

Frog’s Legs – a subdued, grassy green

Mint Leaves – a granny smith “chalkboard” green

Navy Blue

Don’t worry, we’re not advocating you change your design scheme to include anchors and sail cloth. This navy blue winter paint color trend is saturated and “dusty” and can even skew toward dark gray or even appear charcoal in certain lights.

popular winter interior paint colors navy blue

This moody navy blue trend is a way to get away with a full blue room without feeling like you painted for a baby boy’s nursery. It’s sophisticated and stately, which makes it the perfect background for beautiful art or furnishings.

Our favorite interior navy blues paint colors for winter

Midnight Hour – a dark, stormy navy blue

Witchcraft – a deep blue-black navy

High Salute – a dark grey toned navy

Deep Black

Black paint can be tricky in the home, but if you want to go classic without going with a crisp white, black can do the trick. We especially like it on interior trim painting, moldings and wainscoting. That way, you’re not covering a whole wall in it, but instead using it to highlight your room exactly the way you want it. It also pairs well with wallpaper, great artwork or eclectic furniture.

popular winter interior paint colors trends black

Our favorite interior black paint colors for winter

Black Magic – a dark, warm bat black

Zombie – a cool black with an onyx undertone

Dark as Night – a phantom black with sooty undertones

Golden Yellow

Nope, we’re not talking about the cheery yellow that used to be found in kitchens or kids’ rooms, we’re talking about a sophisticated, saturated goldenrod color that has hints of mustard or curry powder. One of the best things about this particular interior paint color trend for winter is that it still has plenty of that trademark yellow happiness without skewing overly bright.

winter interior paint color trends yellow

Like school house green, these golden yellows closely mimic the yellows most often found in nature, so it tends to coordinate and match most homes and decor themes. It pairs well with soft black and classic white accents and can be a stunning addition to a dining room or formal living room.

Great interior golden yellow paint colors for winter

Curry Sauce – dark, yet bright yellow

Mecca Gold – saturated with a mustard undertone

Yarrow – citrus yellow with a Dijon undertone

Gray Brown

This is the dark-neutral cousin to greige and it provides a backdrop that is both perfectly neutral while also giving a distinctly stately air. Traditional furniture and soft textiles are both at home against this color, while bright accent colors get a chance to shine in a way they can’t against the lighter greige.

winter interior paint color trends brown

If you’re tired of grey or greige neutrals this winter but aren’t quite ready to make the leap to non-neutrals, gray brown paint colors are a great option for you.

Popular interior gray brown paint colors this winter

Intrigue – dark gray spiced brown

Coffee Bean – dark gray coffee brown

Walnut Grove – dark gray camo brown

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