Painting a Brick House: 5 Best Colors to Paint a Brick House

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As glorious as some brick homes are, there are still others where the color of the brick is less than desirable. While many homes look beautiful for years with their original brick, still others need a good coat of paint to bring them into this decade (or century).

best color to paint exterior brick

5 Best Colors to Paint a Brick House

Before you consider hiring someone to paint your exterior brick, here are a few reminders:

  • Brick is already engineered to be a certain color. This is an important fact to keep in mind when you’re considering what color to paint it next. For example, some homeowners choose to only repaint trim or doors on the home; you’ll want those new colors to coordinate with the current color of the brick.
  • Removing paint from brick is messy and nearly impossible. Make sure you’re fully committed to painting your brick…there will be no going back!
  • Damaged brick must be repaired and restored before painting over it.
  • The right prep work, supplies and paint are paramount to ensuring the life of the project.

While there are some simpler exterior painting projects, painting exterior brick on a home is a big job, but a worthwhile one when you get it right. It can totally transform the look of your house, increase curb appeal and even get you more money when you decide to sell. While there’s some original brick we love and we’d never want to see painted over, we can’t deny that some of our favorite updates come when our clients elect to paint their brick homes.

Here are some of the best colors to paint a brick house.

1. White painted exterior brick

There is nothing more classic than a beautifully painted, white brick home. It can make even the ugliest brick exterior look stately and well-appointed. Paired with black shutters and doors, a white painted brick home feels like a part of history while also giving a fresh and updated vibe. And, even though white can appear cool and austere at times, when it’s painted onto brick, it looks warm and inviting in every season.

Our favorite white colors to paint brick: 

Crumb Cookie–a warmer white

Mother of Pearl–a shaded white

Gypsum–a pale grey-white with a slight red undertone

painting a brick house best colors

2. Light grey painted exterior brick

Coming in at a close second to white painted brick is light grey painted brick. This color also gives off a classic vibe, but adds a bit more depth than white and never appears too stark. It also allows both accent colors and landscaping to pop against it. And, depending on the accent colors you use, it can make your home fade beautifully into your lot or make a bolder, more creative statement.

For a quiet and demure feel, paint exterior trim, shutters and doors in white. To show off your personality, paint your front door a vibrant yellow or green, and your shutters black. Light grey painted brick also goes particularly well with wrought iron and other hardscape elements.

Our favorite light grey colors for exterior brick 

Delicate White–yes, it has “white” in the name, but this is really a beautiful, misty light grey

Thin Ice–a soft, cool grey

Flagstone–the perfect mid-tone grey

best color to paint brick house

3. Charcoal painted exterior brick

Charcoal greys come in a wide range of tones and saturations, from near black to medium grey with twilight undertones. But what we love best about charcoal painted exteriors is how they add a sophisticated look to your home. Springtime in particular will make your home look beautiful, since new shoots and blossoms stand out against the darker backdrop of your home. White trim and shutters add an extra element of drama, while black trim and shutters pump up your home’s classic lines.

Charcoal grey hides flaws or anomalies well. If your home has trim details from a decade best forgotten or has architectural details you’d rather fade into the background, charcoal will help you do just that.

Our favorite charcoal grey colors for your exterior painted brick 

Grey Metal–a dark, cool charcoal grey

Grey Green Wetland–charcoal with green undertones

French Grey–a grey twilight blue

4. Green painted exterior brick

Green is making a huge comeback for both interior and exterior paint and home decor. But instead of thinking of the light sages from the mid-2000s, instead focus on earthier greens or greens with olive or tan undertones. These greens fade beautifully into your landscape, so if you have a generous yard or old trees, your home can feel like a relaxing hideaway.

Green painted exterior brick also looks great with warm natural woods, so consider adding porch or trim details in this finish.

Great greens for exterior brick 

Green Woods–a deep shaded green

Green Grey Mist–a shaded grassy green

Green Briar–a deep neutral green

best color to paint brick house

5. Exterior painted accent colors with natural brick

If you’re not yet ready to commit to a fully painted exterior brick home, you can start with trim and shutters. It will be important to first think of the natural brick as your primary color, then choose accent colors that will pair nicely with your shade of brick.

For example, an orange toned brick looks classic with soft black shutters and trim, or you can give it an intentional pop with turquoise. Tan toned brick will look crisp with cream accents, or you can go trendy with a deep forest green on the trim and shutters.

Ask your painting professional about the colors they recommend; they will be able to make your brick either stand out or fade into the background based on what colors you choose.

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