Brick Limewash and Painting Project

Sharpen up your home with a process that has its roots in ancient Egypt and is still used today. Limewash is an age-old "paint" that has stood the test of time and is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and near zero VOC. Limewash also allows brick and stone to breathe and is a natural insect repellent. Limewash is often white but is…

Rotted Wood – Replaced!

This home had a lot of wood rot on the Tudor trim. We replaced all the rotted wood, primed, caulked and painted. We also filled some stucco cracks. Our color consultant helped our customer select some great color changes. The new softer colors compliment the stone and roof well.

A ‘Brilliant’ Before and After

We took this before photo after we power washed and began caulking. Notice how dull and faded the house paint color was. Now it has a beautiful sheen that will resist mildew and the sun’s ultraviolet light for years to come. Side note: Brilliant idea from our customer to have us permanently remove the old shutters for a cleaner look.

Not the same house!?

We removed the shutters, painted the brick an awesome modern grey that the customer and our color consultant came up with. The siding got an updated blue for a some pop and the trim was transformed from a peach beige to a soft cream. We joked with the customer they might drive right by their own house when they returned from…

Amazing Conversion in Carmel, Indiana! – Before & After

This customer in Carmel, Indiana just moved in and replaced their roof. Next up was a full home painting project. They went white on the body and trim. Then we painted the window frames & garage doors black and the front porch posts brown. What an amazing conversion for their new home! Along with Carmel, Indiana, our painting company serves the following cities in…

Whitewashed Brick Home Painting Kansas City: 80’s Pink Brick Transformation – Before & After

Pink brick from the 80’s. Maroon red shutters. Random beige trim. Our Kansas City house painters had their work cut out for them on this home in Kansas City! First we whitewashed the brick, tied in a complimentary trim color, the shutters and front door got a shiny modern grey. What a remodeling to the face of this lovely home!

Home Painting in Marietta Georgia: Slate Blue and Cream Combo – Before & After

This Marietta Georgia customer wanted to get rid of the brown and find an exciting color to replace it. Our color consultant and the customer came up with a slate blue and cream combo. We even applied a special metal paint to the roof with the new color. Now the cream boosts the lighter brick and the blue accents catch your eye.

Classic White Trim Home Painting Carmel Indiana – Before and After

We were interviewed recently by Bloomberg News about how hot the color white is right now. This Carmel Indiana house we just painted is a prime example of the classic white trend we are seeing. Notice how the trim color in the before picture really didn’t go with anything? Now the brilliant and fresh white paint really ties in the white window…

Painted Brick House Indianapolis Indiana – Before & After

We quoted this paint job over the winter in the snow in Indianapolis, Indiana. Now it’s summer, the grass is green, everything is blooming and the new paint job has color! The dreary brown wood is history as bright & colorful new colors shine. The blues on the doors and shutters compliment the lively paint transformation our customer envisioned months ago. We think…

Roswell Georgia Home Painting: Builder Beige to a Modern Soft Grey – Before and After

This was the original builder stucco and under the windows it had been water stained with time. Everything was builder beige and the homeowner said it lacked character. Our Roswell Georgia customer had a great idea to go classic white on the trim and glossy black on the doors and shutters. The modern soft grey on the stucco gives the home…