Commercial Ceiling Painting: 4 Options for Painting Your Commercial Ceiling

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If you own or property manage a business, it’s a safe bet that you’ll have a ceiling in need of paint at some point or another. Our commercial ceiling painting clients include every type of business and organization from retail stores to manufacturing facilities to warehouses and even churches. Many of these buildings tend to have higher ceilings or exposed ceilings with struts or ductwork in plain sight. Still other ceilings haven’t been painted in decades or painted at all. And other types of businesses want a special touch on the ceiling, like a bright pop of color or a mural.

commercial ceiling painting options

Why You Should Paint Your Commercial Ceiling

No matter how you want your ceiling to look, we always encourage business owners or building managers to paint their commercial ceilings. It’s a good idea for several reasons, including:


Dingy or too-dark ceilings affect the light in your commercial space. If you’re hoping to brighten your space, or if lighting is important for your employees or guests for accuracy or safety, you’ll want to paint your commercial ceiling.


Ceilings collect dust and dirt and sometimes dirty residue and flakes fall from the ceiling. This fallout not only compromises the cleanliness of your facility, it can affect your product offerings and services. Plus, as mentioned before, dark or dirty ceilings can affect your space’s lighting.


A freshly painted ceiling can do wonders for the aesthetics of your space. We’ve seen even the starkest exposed ceilings turn a space from “unfinished” to warm and welcoming with the right coat of paint. We’ve also seen commercial businesses add a feeling of creativity or whimsy by pumping up the color on the ceiling, or make an ugly ceiling disappear with black or gray.

A jeweler recently had us paint their ceiling above their diamond ring cases with a brighter white that had more sheen.  This increased the lighting around the diamonds by 20%.

No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish in your space, the ceiling could easily be considered the “fifth wall” and add whatever vibe you want to your space.

Options for Painting Your Commercial Ceiling

Painting a commercial ceiling is a specialized job and should only be handled by a reputable and professional painting company. There may be several options for painting your commercial ceiling, which your painting contractor should go over in detail with you. In the meantime, here are some of the options to consider:

Dryfall Painting

This type of commercial ceiling painting is typically reserved for high exposed ceilings or manufacturing settings. Dryfall is technically a quick dry flat paint that is sprayed onto surfaces; overspray dries immediately into dust in the air and is easily swept up when it hits the floor. This is a particularly good option if you have both a lot of ceiling to paint and equipment to protect on the floor. Because dryfall dries so quickly and has great coverage, a professional team can often paint an entire ceiling in a night, which lessens downtime at your business.

commercial ceiling painting high set upsHigh Set Ups

For very high ceilings, or ceilings that might need more refined detail work (e.g. cathedrals, churches, very high warehouses) a high set up is likely necessary. In a high set up, the professional paint team will require lifts or scaffolding to reach the ceiling. This process might not be as quick as an easier-to-reach ceiling (less than 2-3 stories) where spray or dryfall can be used, but a great commercial ceiling painting company will make sure that the paint job is done thoroughly and safely with this type of approach.

Spraying ceilings

In some offices or retail spaces, a commercial office painting team may just be able to spray the ceiling in the paint color of your choice. This option is great for lower ceilings or ceilings where you want a smooth, professional finish done quickly.

Hand painting

Hand painting a commercial ceiling is typically reserved for ceilings that already have a lot of detail (think older buildings with tin panels or intricate architectural details). You may need a professional with a steady hand to perfectly paint all those intricate turns and whorls, or to paint around woodwork. We’ve also had some clients who want murals or images painted on the ceiling, and hand painting is the only way to go here.

Great commercial ceiling painting companies will recommend the right approach for your ceiling and business. Your building might be an easy “spray and go” or you might need a couple of weeks of fine detail work. Either way, a reputable commercial ceiling painting company will always:

  • Find and repair any damaged areas before beginning to paint, or recommend a professional contractor if the scope of the damage is too large for their expertise
  • Carefully clean and prep the area to be painted
  • Fastidiously cover and protect your workspace and equipment, which could include moving all equipment out of the area, if possible, or masking or covering everything well
  • Take care to finish the job as quickly as possible without compromising quality and…
  • Make sure to clean up with an eye for detail so you can return to work as quickly as possible

If you’re ready to talk about painting your commercial building ceiling, painting a restaurant ceiling, painting a church ceiling or painting an exposed ceiling, contact a professional commercial painting company in your area. Many will offer free quotes and will work hard to make sure the project is finished quickly so you can get back to business.

Professional Commercial Ceiling Painting

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