Exterior Painting for Businesses: 6 Reasons to Paint Your Business Office Exterior

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If you are running a business or are in the business of maintaining the exterior of corporate offices or commercial buildings, you know that it can be a challenge to keep your property looking great at all times. Between landscaping, hardscaping, windows, sidewalks and parking lots, there is always some element that requires attention. But one question our clients often have is about how to know when it’s time to paint their business office exterior.

Reasons to Paint Your Business Office Exterior

Why You Should Consider Painting Your Business Office Exterior

So, what are some reasons to paint or repaint your office exterior? And when is it time to hire a professional exterior painting company to get the job done?

First, here are 6 reasons to paint your business office exterior.

1. Painting your business is cost effective

We love paint for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it’s often one of the most cost effective ways to make a change to your property. As a business owner or property manager, you know that exterior maintenance, repairs and upkeep get expensive quickly. But paint is one way to get bang for your buck.

A fresh coat of paint on your office exterior could literally lead to more foot traffic in your building, or more potential employees who want to work for you. Those two returns alone are worth the cost of painting your office exterior. Plus, a reputable painting company can get the job done right and within a specific time frame so you can get back to business as usual.

2. A fresh coat of paint on your office exterior looks good

why you should repaint your business office exteriorThis might seem like an obvious reason to paint or repaint your office exterior, but for some business owners, it’s not. Many people who are running businesses simply don’t have time to think through every detail of what the exterior of their business looks like. In fact, they might have enjoyed a steady stream of business for many years without considering how the paint is faring on the side of their building.

But we’ve seen the transformative and refreshing power of paint on office exteriors. It can make your business look new, fresh and updated. The right paint color can also turn your outdated 70s building into a hip meeting ground for clients, or turn that builder-grade beige from boring into stately. Paint (and the right paint color) not only looks great when it’s been freshened up, it can quite literally “say” something new and exciting about your business.

3. A professional paint job on your business exterior establishes trust

Whether they realize it or not, your customers are always paying attention to what you do and how you do it. When the exterior of your office building is peeling, faded or worn out, it sends a message. Some customers might read the message as, “They don’t care enough about their building to keep it up, why will they care about my concerns?”

The way the exterior of your building looks is often the first (and ongoing) impression you leave with your customers. If it’s been more than ten years since you’ve painted the exterior of your office building, it’s time for an update!

4. Painting your office exterior helps you spot and repair trouble areas

One of the benefits of working with a reputable and professional commercial painting company is that they’ll always make sure you’re aware of any trouble areas or repairs needed on your building. Great painting companies will also always make sure those repairs or trouble areas are attended to before they paint. That means that someone might be able to catch a problem when it’s small to prevent it becoming bigger. And, as you know, big problems are a lot more difficult (and more expensive) to fix.

5. Repainting your business exterior grabs attention

Why You Should Consider Painting Your Business Office Exterior If you’ve been suffering from a lack of new customers, a fresh coat of paint on your office exterior can help them see you. Especially when your corporate colors have changed, you should repaint your office exterior to reflect the new company colors. Or if the current company colors on your business exterior are looking faded and drab it is a good time to repaint your business exterior. Freshening up those colors with a new coat of paint can make the outside of your business pop and look welcoming to your customers and employees who walk in your front door every day.

So, perhaps you update your colors to more closely match your branding, or maybe you pop a contrasting color around trim work. No matter what you decide (and a professional painting company will help you with color choice and selection), a new or updated office exterior paint job will get more eyes on your building. And more eyes on your business can literally translate into new customers and more money in your pocket.

6. New paint on your business office exterior protects your building

Painting your office building isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also about protecting your investment for the long term. A high quality paint job can keep water or moisture out of your building, it can prevent mold or mildew, prevent bugs from getting in and provide a barrier for the materials underneath. If you’ve neglected to update your paint for the last decade, you could be risking the exterior safety of your building.

If you’re still not sure if it’s time to paint your business office exterior, think about the last time you painted. Take a walk around the building and notice if there are any areas of paint that are bubbling or flaking. Or consider the last time you had a customer come in and say, “Your building looks great!” All of these reasons might mean it’s time to repaint your office exterior.

Of course, if you’re still questioning if it’s time for exterior commercial painting, call a professional painting company that works in your area. Their professionals will be able to tell you when it’s time to repaint or if you can hold off for another year. They can also help you determine the right color for your business’ exterior, and will make sure to get the job done without disrupting your normal business practices.

Professional Business Office Exterior Painting

Our professional paint experts are ready to help you update your business’ exterior. We offer free consultations and will help you pick the right color to make your business look great. Contact us today for a free exterior office painting quote.