Painted Fireplace Ideas: Dos and Don’ts to Consider

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Whether you just moved in or have lived in your house for years, there is something truly exciting about changing up the look of your home. Painting walls, swapping out the carpet for hardwood, and updating appliances all help to completely transform the look of your home with relatively low risk. But, what can you do about that unsightly brick fireplace? How can you transform that to match all the other updates you’ve made in your home?

Brick Fireplace Painting

Brick Fireplace Painting

If you are a proponent of painting original brick, then you have your answer! Painting a brick fireplace is a fast, relatively simple way to give your home a facelift. With the right color choice, technique, and help from a friendly painting pro, your fireplace can go from outdated to high-style. Just make sure to follow these tips:

Dos of Painting a Fireplace in Your Home

DO your research

When it comes to painting your fireplace, you should know the look you’re going for before letting your painting pro begin. There are so many pictures and resources online to help you decide what kind of look you like. Do you prefer something subtle and traditional? Rustic and cozy? Or bold and dramatic? Now is the time to narrow it down.

DO share your vision

Once you have an idea of the look you’re going for, share your vision with your professional painters. Most painting experts, like those of us at Sharper Impressions, have years of experience painting a variety of fireplaces, so we’ve worked with many clients on their unique visions. But we need to know YOURS to make it a reality. Treat your painters as a crucial member of your team who will help take your vision to the next level.

DO trust the pros

There’s a lot involved in painting a fireplace, and it’s perfectly OK if you want to turn the job over to the experts. Their job is to make it easy for you. They’ll know how to prep by removing soot, dirt, and cobwebs from the bricks with a wire brush, then de-grime the bricks and mortar. Painting pros can also inspect the fireplace surface for any crumbling mortar or cracks that might need to be repaired.

Another detail that’s easy for the pros is choosing the right brushes. There are aisles of bristle brushes, foam brushes, rollers, and sponges — choosing the right one can make your head spin. But when you turn this complex project over to the experts, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong one. They’ll handle it.

Don’ts of Painting a Fireplace in Your Home

DON’T choose the wrong color

Are you hoping to make a dramatic statement with your fireplace, or create a focal point that’s tranquil and stately? For a bold look, choose a trending color like charcoal gray or deep blue. For something neutral that will stand the test of time, choose chalked gray, white, or beige.

Not sure what to pick? Ask your painting pros. They’ve painted so many fireplaces over the years, they know which colors are smart long-term choices, but they also know the latest trends.

DON’T worry about the details

One of the benefits of having professional painters by your side is not having to worry about the details, like choosing the right type of paint. While the color is important, choosing the right type of paint is even more critical to your success. Your pros will handle this. They know to choose indoor, latex, heat-resistant paint that is rated to withstand temperatures generated by the fireplace when lit (typically around 200°F).

Your professional painters will likely choose flat latex paint instead of gloss or semi-gloss. This will give the fireplace a more natural look, whereas the shine of a semi-gloss paint will make the end result look fake and plastic-like.

DON’T Rush the Painting

Painting a fireplace should never be rushed. In addition to prep work, your painters will need time to seal off any areas that won’t be painted. In most cases, painters will roll paint onto the surface of the brick with a paint roller, but they use a smaller bristle brush to cover mortar and catch any drips where paint leaks out of the pores.

Painting a fireplace the right way can make a beautiful statement in your home, but it takes expertise, patience, and a stunning vision. That’s why we’re here to help. Let’s work together to take your fireplace to the next level.

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