Repainting Your Home Interior: The Importance of Repainting Interior Surfaces

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repainting your home interior the importance of repainting interior surfaces

When it’s time to pick out new interior paint colors, it can be an exciting and fun experience. But what you might not know is that painting or repainting your home interior surfaces can carry positive benefits that impact your health, well-being, and wallet. Here are just six reasons why you should repaint your interior surfaces.

Advantages of Repainting Interior Surfaces

Improves Interior Air Quality

Older homes gather dust and dirt for many years. Depending on your home’s age, it’s also likely that previous owners used paint that didn’t have the low-VOC or zero-VOC quality of today’s paints. Low-VOC or no-VOC paints won’t aggravate allergies or cause other respiratory issues. So, add a fresh coat to reduce or eliminate fumes and odors and create healthier interior air quality.

Low-Cost Home Improvement Option

If you’re looking for a simple way to gain a return on your investment, you can easily increase the value of your home with fresh paint on the walls, trim, doors or even your stairs. Plus, when you choose a high-quality professional painting company, you can save money with a free quote before starting your project.

Increases Ambiance

You should feel good in your home, and the right paint color is a great way to create ambience, coziness or a sense of space. Open up tiny spaces with light colors, add a sense of warmth to bedrooms with rich neutrals or add a glamorous touch to a dining room with a moody grey. The possibilities are endless especially when you work with an in-home paint color consultant who can help you expertly choose the perfect paint colors for your home.

Covers Stains, Permanent Marks and Odors

Maybe your walls fell victim to a pint-sized artist armed with a marker, suffered scrapes on moving day or soaked up unpleasant odors from pets or cooking. A properly applied high-quality paint job will not only make your walls look nice, but also smell brand new.

Easy to Clean

There are many great paints today that are fully washable, and a painting expert can help you choose the right type of paint for each surface’s use. For example, using a paint with some gloss will help with griminess on painted interior doors. Or, adding a new coat to baseboards and trim can reduce dust collection near your floors.

A Low Stakes Update

Sometimes you just need a change, and paint is a low-stakes solution (unlike that kitchen remodel). Try taking darker walls lighter or painting your powder room in a bold shade. A new paint color can bust a boredom rut or give your room a badly needed refresh.

Seek Expert Help When Painting Your Interior Surfaces

Properly painted walls, trim, baseboards and doors are best tackled by an expert. You can save time, money and costly mistakes with a professional. Reputable interior painters will offer free estimates and provide direction on color. Get your free interior painting quote today!