Spring Paint Color Trends for 2019: Paint Color Experts Share Their Favorite Spring Paint Colors

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Spring is finally here and for many of us that means spring cleaning, the first few times mowing the lawn and working on our homes. Perhaps this spring you began your outdoor cleanup and yard work and noticed that no matter how good your flower beds look your home’s exterior could use a little love. Or maybe you’re tired of the dull colors in your kitchen and nature is inspiring you to make a change.

New paint can make a home look fresh, updated and clean. Or, if it’s been a while since the exterior was last painted, a new color scheme (both exterior and trim) can take your home from looking worn-down to wow.

But what colors are right for you and your home? You might love bold colors, but are bright colors right for your home and neighborhood? If you have a historic home, do you want to make sure the paint stays in keeping with its classic vintage roots? Or, maybe that color you loved years ago just hasn’t withstood the test of time.

Rather than spending hours guessing, pinning or researching what color is right for your home, check out what our paint color experts have to say about spring paint color trends for 2019. From the classics to the newest bold strokes, these professionals have a recommendation for just about every home, taste and style. Take a look, then start planning for your spring home painting project.

Spring paint color trends for 2019

Spring Paint Color Trends for 2019 

Paint Trend Palettes for Spring

Ruthann Hanlon from PPG paints has four spring trend palettes for 2019 that include a variety of colors. These trend palettes are based on the moods and mindsets of consumers; the influence of color trends and the spaces we wish to create for ourselves.

These four macro paint trends have been strong:

  • The use of dark colors that create cocooning spaces and convey strength along with a bit of drama, depth and classic luxury
  • Light, almost ethereal, spaces that have just a hint of color. These spaces are also minimalistic with lack of clutter, less is unequivocally more
  • Pops of bright or saturated colors to add life, energy and optimism to a space
  • The influence of nature and Biophilic design; organic materials and colors with reference to all things natural

The Shift from Grey to “Greige” Paint Colors

One of the biggest paint trends we’ve seen in 2019 has been the shift from grays to warmer neutrals. Gray has been trending since 2008, most are ready for something new. That’s not to say gray is going to completely go away, instead we are seeing bridging versions of gray grow in popularity. Our new gray isn’t as cold and sterile as the grays we’ve been surrounded by for the past 10 years. For lack of a better name the new hue is often referred to as “Greige.”

Moth Gray (PPG1024-4), Stonehenge Greige (PPG1024-5), Cool Concrete (PPG1023-2) and Storm’s Coming (PPG1008-2) are trending shades of the new hue. They’ll work with existing gray elements; cabinets, flooring, furnishings, etc. while also warming up your space as we move towards the new neutral.

spring paint color trend - stonehenge greige
Stonehenge Greige

If you’re looking for a stain option Aspen Tan (PPG920) is a subtle blend of gray and beige, it’s fresh, contemporary and classic at the same time and sure to work with any décor.

spring stain color trends - Aspen Tan

The 2019 Paint Color of the Year for Interiors and Exteriors

The PPG Color of the Year for 2019 is Night Watch (PPG1145-7), a deep green with a hint of blue. It’s a luxurious color that is also found in nature and works well for both interiors and exteriors; whether it be an accent on your front door or floor to ceiling in a room you are looking to create an inviting atmosphere. Night Watch represents classic luxury yet meets the restorative power of nature, it pairs well with the golds and brass that have been abundant in the marketplace at all price points.

paint color of the year 2019 - Night Watch
Night Watch

Use Pops of Color for Home Exteriors This Spring

Spring is all about rejuvenation and anticipation of brighter and warmer moments as we move away from the gray and cold of winter months. Adding a pop of color to your front door is a quick and easy way to welcome spring.

PPG1192-3 Sprite Twist, PPG1192-6 Summer Sunset and PPG1184-5 Cherry Brandy are optimistic hues that provide a happy dose of color that will welcome guests to your home.

Take Spring Paint Color Inspiration from Your Environment

If you’re planning to update your interior, look to your existing elements to provide direction; area rugs, textiles or even a favorite piece of art can all provide inspiration for color palettes you can draw your favorite hue from.

Nature is the perfect place to look for inspiration, take a walk on your favorite trail or visit a park and snap photos of views that make you find good. Once home view the photos and identify your favorite colors in them, you can never go wrong with colors found in nature.

Pine Forest (PPG1134-7), Solstice (PPG1010-3) and Mountain Lake (PPG1156-6) would be beautiful additions to any space. Choose the hues that best compliment your elements and most importantly, represent your personality and the way you live your life.

spring paint color trend - mountain lake
Mountain Lake

Interior Spring Paint Color Trends for 2019

Adrienne Consales, the Creative Director at Black Ink, also shared her insight on this year’s interior spring paint color trends.

Color is a dynamic force of the visual world. It can provoke thought or even change the way you feel. There’s no better way to spruce up your inside and outside of your home to create new ambiance this spring season than with a fresh coat of paint.

This year, we’re forecasting shades to push towards a refreshing, and warmer, alternative to grey, such as soft clay tones, sultry mauves and romantic neutrals. Gender neutral earth-tones are making an appearance in a large way as well in the form of mushroom, pewter and deep jade hues. These shades feel great in kitchens and master bedrooms.

We’re keeping the living spaces warm and inviting with lighter neutrals that never go out of style. We are seeing more and more clients take chances on a smaller scale by incorporating an unexpected color in a powder bath or walk-in pantry space. Deep mustard tones or Living Coral (Pantone’s 2019 color of the year) are great options to energize and uplift an otherwise dark space for a great way to boost your mood.

Here are just a couple of our favorite interior paint colors this spring:

About our Spring Paint Color Experts

Ruthanne Hanlon – PPG

Ruthanne Hanlon is the PPG National Color and Design Manager. Her career includes experience in kitchen and bath design, custom furnishings and space planning. Ruthanne has focused specifically on color specifications since 2000 and has consulted on commercial and residential projects along with historic restorations using the powerful influence color has in transforming a space, creating an atmosphere and providing the personalization and character everyone strives for.

Visit www.ppgpaints.com for further inspiration and tools to help you choose colors for your next project.

Adrienne Consales – Black Ink

Adrienne launched Black Ink in the winter of 2016 with the intention of changing the way Columbus viewed interiors. Black Ink has now grown beyond just Columbus. Adrienne works with entrepreneurs and homeowners around the country, curating homes and environments that inspire creation, support family and build businesses. She is dedicated to continuing to push forward designing interiors that bring joy and excitement to the lives of clients and the community.

Visit www.designblackink.com to learn more about this full-service interior design studio.

Thank you, Ruthanne and Adrienne! We love these spring color trends and look forward to helping homeowners add them to their spaces in 2019.

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