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Ashley Furniture recently approached us to undertake a significant interior repainting project for their store. The Regional Manager discovered our services online and noticed that we had successfully completed painting projects for other furniture stores in the area. Intrigued by our work, the manager reached out to us for a free quote.

The project came with a tight deadline; Ashley Furniture required the entire store to be repainted within just two weeks. Unfortunately, due to the furniture store having labor shortages, after-hours painting was not an option as no one was available to staff the store. Furthermore, evenings and weekends were off-limits as well since these were the busiest times for the store in terms of furniture sales.

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To minimize disruptions to customer traffic and store operations, the management requested that we paint the store from the back to the front. This approach would ensure that we wouldn’t interfere with customers browsing and shopping for furniture. At the manager’s request, we prioritized painting the foyer area near the front doors on the very first day. This quick update allowed us to enhance the store’s entrance, creating a welcoming atmosphere for incoming customers. We also displayed a sign in the area, courteously informing customers of the ongoing renovations. The main showroom featured a massive showcase wall that constituted the majority of the painting work. We strategically planned to paint this section between Monday and Wednesday when foot traffic was relatively lighter in the store. Being sensitive to the store’s busy weekends, we tailored our work schedule to minimize disruptions during peak sales periods. On Saturdays and Sundays, we focused on painting corner areas to remain as unobtrusive as possible. Our flexibility and adaptability to their needs helped maintain a pleasant shopping environment for customers during our 14-day painting project.

Once the showcase wall was complete, we shifted our focus to the left side of the store, which housed Ashley Furniture’s high-end furniture collections. In this area, we needed to exercise extreme caution while moving the expensive furniture pieces and protecting them from paint drips. Our team was diligent in covering each item with appropriate protective materials, ensuring the safety of the valuable merchandise throughout the painting process. The Manager was impressed with the quality of our painting work and decided to expand the project scope by including the mattress section as well. Given the store’s labor shortage and tight timeframe, we graciously agreed to move all the furniture, tables, lamps, wall coverings, and art on the walls ourselves. The store collaborated with us, making it explicitly clear that we wouldn’t be held liable for any damages. However, we managed to move hundreds of items without causing a single scratch or dent.

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For this project, we opted for a special interior paint with a durable sheen, keeping in mind that furniture would be frequently moved and potentially dinged against the walls. This choice of paint ensured the walls would withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their fresh appearance. During the project, we faced the challenge of delivering a large volume of paint, which required setting up a designated delivery area and bulk paint storage section. This area was strategically positioned out of the way of shoppers and employees. Despite material shortages at the time, our strong 30-year relationships with paint vendors enabled us to secure the full paint order. The store required very specific color matches for their new corporate colors. We dry tested the paint colors on the wall prior to starting the project, allowing the store Managers to approve the shades. We used low VOC paint, which minimized odors and contributed to a healthier indoor environment. In addition, we accommodated the sales team’s request to enter the store through the back, reserving the front entrance exclusively for customers.

The customer requested that we avoid using a lift to prevent any damage to the floors so we used our 30-foot-tall scaffolding to create a safe yet productive work environment that protected the floors. To protect the store’s carpeted floors, we meticulously taped tarps in place, ensuring that no spills or drips would cause damage. The project involved painting 16 different colors on separate accent walls, which necessitated a substantial amount of paint cans, brushes, rollers, and spray equipment. Nevertheless, we applied all 16 colors to the walls, resulting in a visually stunning and revitalized store interior.

To achieve a smooth and professional appearance, we sanded the walls to remove any texture left from previous logos and faux brick painting. We also addressed water stains on the cement block walls by applying a blocking primer, ensuring that the stains wouldn’t seep through the new paint job. We caulked the baseboards to create a seamless transition between the baseboards and walls with the new paint job. We carried out extensive drywall repairs to fix furniture dings, dents, and picture hanging holes, as new artwork would be displayed in different locations on the walls.

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We provided touch-up paint for addressing any dings or dents that might result from foot traffic or furniture movement in the future. We also took several essential preparatory steps, such as priming all black walls and faux brick surfaces, to guarantee that our new top coat colors would provide full coverage with just two additional coats. Without this crucial step, the old colors could have bled through the fresh paint. We are confident that the high-quality paint job we completed for Ashley Furniture will serve the company well for at least a decade before any touch-ups or repainting become necessary. This long-lasting finish will ensure that the store maintains its fresh, modern appearance for 10 plus years to come.

The store’s transformation into a modern, vibrant space was met with enthusiasm from the management team. In fact, four managers were so excited to see the new colors that they traveled to the store to witness the makeover firsthand. Towards the end of the job, we revitalized the previously dingy back room by creating a bright, inviting mattress area with three different shades of white. The once-dull space was transformed into an appealing, well-lit section of the store.

Our dedicated team of skilled painters worked tirelessly to complete the entire painting project in just two weeks, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and expertise. Throughout the process, we maintained clear communication with the store’s management. Our ability to complete such a complex project within the tight deadline is a testament to our team’s proficiency, planning, and exceptional work ethic. Interestingly, we later discovered that another painting company took over six weeks to complete a similar store painting project in another state. This comparison highlights the remarkable difference in project timelines and serves to emphasize our team’s ability to deliver outstanding results within a fraction of the time. Such efficiency not only saves our clients time but also minimizes disruptions to their business operations, which is key to any retail store.

The Regional Manager of Ashley Furniture was highly impressed with our work and praised us for our exceptional speed and quality. This successful project has led to future collaborations with Ashley Furniture and we are proud to have them as a customer.

Following the completion of our work, Ashley Furniture commemorated their store’s impressive transformation by organizing a re-grand-opening sale. We were thrilled to learn that the response to both the sale and the updated store appearance was overwhelmingly positive.

In conclusion, our dedicated team at Sharper Impressions Painting successfully transformed Ashley Furniture’s store. If you’re considering a professional painting project for your business or home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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