Sweet Apple Village: A Colorful Transformation

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In Roswell, Georgia a recent paint job transformation unfolded at Sweet Apple Village. As a repeat painting contractor for this property manager, we painted one of their largest remodeling projects.

A Multi-Use Complex and a Grand Gazebo

Our canvas included six diverse buildings — a daycare, restaurant, office, retail, private school, and a 7 story gazebo. This was a tough project spread over a large area with a quick turnaround deadline.


The gazebo, standing at an impressive 68 feet, emerged as a focal point of the entire complex. With its towering presence and intricate design, the metal roof needed 3 coats of special paint and protection from the sun. The dark-stained wood beams added complexity, requiring cleaning and two coats of a penetrating stain that made the wood nearly black and showed off the wood grains. Undertaking such a task required reaching great heights – quite literally. Employing our tall lift, we were able to safely get out painters to the top without having to stand on the antique metal roof.

Color Harmony: A Two-Month Consultation

Spanning two months, the color selection process showcased a digital render picture of what each building would look like after painting offering a virtual preview of proposed colors.

Collaborating with the property manager and board of directors, multiple rounds of revisions fine-tuned the color scheme. Considering so many intricate surfaces, like handrails, beams, lanterns, and windows.

Our color consultant said ‘It wasn’t just a paint job; it was a curated symphony of colors breathing new life into each building.’

Painting Amidst Open Establishments

Ensuring minimal disruption, all businesses stayed open throughout the project, a testament to our commitment to convenience for owners and patrons. Meeting the daycare facility’s unique needs, we willingly undertook weekend painting, ensuring our hardworking painters didn’t get in the way of patrons or their parking.

Rotted Wood Replacement on Decks

Extensive deck renovations replaced rotted wood spanning hundreds of feet—ensuring that after painting all deck walking surfaces would be save for decades to come.

Meeting Deadlines and Surpassing Expectations

Meeting a 31 day deadline, we marked a milestone as the first contractor to meet this property manager’s deadline. The businesses in the complex were amazed at the speed of the job completion.

From Old to Bright and Modern

Previously adorned with a chipped, hodgepodge of 19-year-old builder paint in six colors, Sweet Apple Village complex had a disjointed and aged appearance. The paint transformation injected new life, presenting a contemporary and cleaner look that unified structures, enhanced visibility, and created a significantly brighter atmosphere visible even from the parking lot.


Recognition and Future Endeavors

Our hard work did not go unnoticed. Homeowners we had previously painted for in the area stopped by, shouting praises and jokingly pointing out imaginary missed spots. After inspecting the job for an hour and a half, the property owner was astonished to find only 10 touch-ups! —a record for a project of this scale.

Anticipating upcoming projects this Spring for the same property management company, the Crabapple complex stands as a testament to our commitment to providing paint jobs that look great and last a long time.