Creating an Outdoor Living Space

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I had the benefit of living in the Desert Southwest for a time. While there were some things I could do without; scorpions, tarantulas and dust storms to name a few, there were many things that I loved.

There’s nothing quite like the desert in full bloom (yes, the desert blooms with breathtaking flowers), or a gorgeous star-filled desert night. The people that live in the desert have learned to take advantage of the good weather. One of the best ways was by creating functional, comfortable outdoor living spaces.

You don’t need to live in the desert to create your own outdoor space. Most of us have patios or decks that we really don’t take advantage of. It’s so easy to create a space that will become your favorite place to hangout.

Like with any room, start by looking at your walls and flooring. If the outside of the house needs painted, pick a nice color and get it done. Then look at your patio or deck flooring. There are numerous color options available in both paint and stain to bring your flooring back to life. And don’t forget to have the “walls” of your fence painted or stained.

Once you have the basics done, move on to decorating. There are so many options for beautiful, comfortable furniture in all price ranges. Remember to add lots of pillows in outdoor fabrics to increase the luxury of your space. An awning, pergola or gazebo will help protect your space from intense sun or rain. Lastly don’t forget to accessorize with weather safe items that add to the overall look.

Then sit back with family and friends, or your favorite book and enjoy your new room.

Please visit our Exterior Photos page to see some backyard spaces we livened up and spruced up with some fresh colors, creating a fun and inviting space for you and your family and friends to enjoy for years to come.