Do I Really Need Two Coats of Paint for My Home?

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Do I Really Need Two Coats of Paint for My Home

It’s one of the oldest questions in the painting book: Do you really need two coats of paint for your house? It’s important to know that applying just one coat of paint won’t save you money in the long term. If you’re thinking about cutting corners and painting your home’s interior or exterior surfaces only once, read the rest of this post before making that decision.

Why Should You Apply a Second Coat of Paint?

Your Paint Job Will Look Nicer

While it is certainly true that some paints are (slightly) thicker than others and state on the can that only one coat of paint is needed, generally speaking, skimping and only painting the majority of your home’s surfaces once won’t give you the desired effect. Regardless of the paint type or the surface, you will only get that lush, deep finish if you opt for two coats of paint for your house painting project.

In addition to this, and contrary to popular belief, don’t be fooled into thinking you can get away with only one coat of a darker colored paint. These actually have less ‘body’ and will need two – if not three – coats so that the rich color is able to develop properly.

Surfaces Will Be More Durable

Looks aren’t the only thing to take into consideration; two coats of paint are far more durable than one. A wall, whether interior or exterior, will also normally be easier to clean if it has been coated twice.

You Won’t Have to Limit Your Paint Color Choices

If you take the ‘easy’ way out, be warned that you’ll be facing a less-than-stellar finish if you are painting one color over another – especially if the new color is paler than the existing one. In reality, one coat may be sufficient if the two colors are similar, but if not – or if you are painting over white – you will need a second coat of paint to stop the base color from either showing through or altering the real shade of your new paint. This might sound like a pain, but it gives you a far greater choice when it comes to picking a color because, if you commit to two coats, you’ll be able to choose from any color out there, not just limit yourself to shades that are similar to your existing one.

And let’s not forget that by painting your walls or other surfaces twice, you will also reduce the chances of missing any spots.

Your Paint Job Will Last Longer

Generally speaking, the lifespan of a one-coat paint job is as little as three years. Compare that to the same surface which has been properly prepared and given two coats of paint and, depending on external factors such as the elements, that lifespan increases dramatically to ten years! This might not be such a major factor when it comes to the rooms you use most in your home – chances are you will change your bedroom or lounge color scheme before the ten years are up anyway. When it comes to large spaces such as stairwells and hallways or your home’s exterior, it can mean the difference between doing the job right the first time and not having to worry about repainting for a decade. Cutting costs and corners will likely only come back to bite you when you need to redo and pay for the entire job all over again in just a few years.

What are the Advantages of a Second Coat of Paint?

  • You can choose any paint color and it will cover completely with no bleed through or streaking of the old color coming through your new color.
  • The biggest cost of a paint job is the preparation work: power washing, tarping, taping, scraping, priming, and caulking. The actual painting time is not the largest cost of a painting project. So, adding a second coat is a good investment.
  • The second coat of paint goes on quickly and costs very little.
  • The first coat goes on thicker and slower.
  • The second coat of paint serves as a second skin or protector of the first coat, adding life to your paint job. You can expect some surfaces to last twice as long with a second coat!
  • Two coats of paint ALWAYS looks better and more professional than just one.
  • The best paints sold by top paint vendors recommend a two coat system.
  • You get a longer warranty with two coats of paint.

Professional House Painters You Can Trust

Because a second coat of paint is a lot easier and quicker to apply than the first (since the prep work has been done, and the paint adheres better the second time around), reputable professional home painters will only charge you a nominal amount for the second coat.

Whether you need advice about painting techniques or you’d like to entrust the painting of your home to the professionals, contact us today – we’re here and ready to properly paint your home interior or exterior. Get a free house painting quote.