Interior Office Painting: Is Now the Perfect Time for Interior Office Painting?

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Interior office painting might seem like a great project for the summer months, but in reality, colder winter months present a perfect time to paint. Here are some reasons to tackle a commercial painting project this winter.

Why it’s the perfect time for interior office painting

The long winter months provide the perfect time for your interior office painting project. Not only will a reputable and professional painting company finish your project quickly and with little invasive time into you and your employee’s work schedules, they can provide several other benefits for your business. Here are some of our best reasons to paint your office interior this winter.

  1. A fresh look can cheer up employees

Winter can be tough on morale, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Between the shorter days, colder weather and pre- and post-holiday emotions, it can be tough on employee spirits. But an interior office painting project can boost spirits and make your office feel fresh and new. Consider a new color scheme that’s bright and cheery, or simply update that builder grade beige or dull cream to a bright white.

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  1. Keep your logo and colors updated

If it’s been a while since you updated your office to align with your logo and branded colors, it’s time! Winter is an opportune time for this type of project, especially if your business is in its off-season. You can make sure your business truly reflects your essence when clients pour in during warmer weather.

  1. You’ll get that “spring clean” feel well before spring

Updating interior office paint not only gives you a new look, it can quite literally make your office more clean. High quality paints professionally applied lock in dirt and dust and can even help with allergens. It can also make your space look brighter and lighter

  1. Low odor paints won’t bother employees

Gone are the days when a painting project meant your office would smell of fumes for days on end. A reputable professional painting company will use high quality, low or no VOC paints that won’t leave fumes and odors in your space. In fact, new, high quality paints are so good, you can even start your project during work hours without bothering employees.

  1. Evening and weekend painting helps keep employees productive

If it’s not practical to have a work hours interruption in your space (e.g. moving furniture or desks, or needing to section off conference rooms), evening and weekend painting can get your project done without affecting employee production.

  1. It provides an opportunity for out of office bonding

Alternatively, you could schedule an office outing, training, conference or employee team building event out of office while painting is taking place. In the winter months, there are plenty of opportunities to explore local meeting places, escape rooms or axe throwing venues or schedule those continuing education credits. The bonus? Your crew comes back to a fresh space knowing something about each other and their skills they didn’t before.

  1. Longer holidays mean you can get a makeover over a long weekend

Winter has many extended holidays and holiday breaks that are tailor made for an interior office painting project. While your employees are home enjoying their time off, you can give your office space a makeover. You won’t have to cut into work hours and your project will be the perfect way to kick off the start of a new year.

  1. Impress your clients and customers with a new look

Both your current and potential clients and customers are paying attention to how your business looks. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they’re making a judgement about how clean or modern your space looks, and deciding if that reflects your level of service. If it’s been more than five years since you last updated your interior office paint, it’s time to consider a change.

  1. Get work done quickly

A professional painter is skilled at working quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your business and employees. This can be critically important in the winter months when employees are less likely to leave the office during work hours. Work with a company or contractor who has years of commercial work under their belts and are used to the intricacies of painting an office environment.

Professional Interior Office Painting Services

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