Interior Paint Color Trends for Your Home

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Choosing the right interior paint colors can play a pivotal role in transforming your living spaces. From versatile grays to timeless whites, soothing blues, and bold accent choices, there’s something for every taste, and we have some great color ideas for you listed below.

1. Flagstone by PPG: The Versatile Grey

We initially favored this color for exterior use on stucco, cedar siding, and Hardie Plank siding, but one customer had us paint their walls with Flagstone in their kitchen, and everyone loved it! This adaptable color offers a soothing and neutral backdrop, making it a go-to choice for shared living areas like kitchens and living rooms for our customers.

2. Forever Whites: Gypsum

For our 30 years of painting history, white has always been a timeless and classic choice for interior spaces. Gypsum by PPG stands out as a popular option. When freshly applied, Gypsum exudes a clean and bright ambiance, making it ideal for rooms with generous square footage or limited access to natural light. We have painted it on both walls and wood trim areas like baseboards, door frames, and window trim.

3. Chalky Blue by PPG: A Splash of Blue for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Chalky Blue has been a trendy choice among our customers in the last few years. It brings a superb choice for bedrooms and guest bathrooms. Chalky Blue is never overbearing, it has a beachy coastal vibe with a contemporary feel that works for our customers.

4. Cavalry by PPG: Bold and Confident for Home Offices and Accent Walls

Our color consultant once recommended Cavalry for a home office, and we were hooked! It is also a perfect pick for a media room where the goal is to enhance the cinematic experience. We even used this color on a brick fireplace to accent that brick wall in the living room.

5. Beige is Back: A Timeless Neutral Choice

We have found that beige has made a remarkable comeback in interior painting. Once considered uninspiring, beige now finds favor in lighter tones. This neutral color is exceptionally well-suited for high-traffic areas like hallways or large, open living spaces that lead to the foyer and upstairs. PRO TIP: When in doubt, it is advisable to use lighter beige shades, as our painters can always have it darkened. You can explore PPG’s selection here for a wide range of popular beige color options.

These are some popular interior color choices that our customers are using of late. Our color consultant recommends these colors but always advises you to consider your own style, the room’s lighting, and the décor of your home. We always try on color swatches for our customers, which really helps the color selection process. Our painters and Managers can make sure the paint is tinted correctly for your new color selections. Finally, we have a fantastic Photoshop expert on staff to take pictures of your walls and digitally paint them with new color choices so you can actually see what your new colors could look like in your home. For your free painting quote, click here.