Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas: The Best Neutral Kitchen Wall Paint Colors for Any Home

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Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas Best Neutral Kitchen Wall Paint Colors for Any HomeWhen trying to decide on a paint color for your kitchen, you may wonder whether you should go with a soft neutral or a trendy, bold hue. While bolder colors are popular, neutral kitchen wall colors can instantly give your space some classic style that stands the test of time. The following neutral kitchen wall painting ideas are ideal for any style of home from modern to country to traditional.

Neutral Colors for Kitchen Walls

Gray Kitchen Walls

The right shade of gray on your kitchen walls can be the perfect base to build upon. Because gray pairs well with a variety of colors, you can get creative with bolder decor and cabinet colors. Lighter colors of cabinets and decor will also complement gray kitchen walls nicely. Here are just come ideas for painting your kitchen walls gray:

  • If you have white cabinets or stone countertops, pair a soft warm gray on your kitchen walls. The warmth of the gray will create a slight contrast against the walls and complement the tones in the stone.
  • If your kitchen has a nice amount of natural light, paint your walls in a light, cool gray. Some lighter grays have light-reflecting qualities and will make your kitchen look clean, crisp, and inviting.
  • If you have natural hardwood floors, warm gray on the walls will add some style and help tie the room together.

Beige Kitchen Walls

When many homeowners think of beige, they think “boring.” But, when you paint your kitchen walls beige, it can warm up your space and provide a base for bolder accents, hardware, and decor. Beige is also a buyer-friendly paint color and works well with all types of decorating styles. Try these ideas:

  • Paint your walls in a warmer, yellow-beige and then layer other shades of beige throughout your kitchen. Think beige and browns in your backsplash, an accent wall in a complementary tone, and a lighter beige on your cabinets or kitchen island.
  • Pair bright white cabinets, chairs, trim and decorative accents with a brown-beige on your kitchen walls. This will create a nice, bold contrast while keeping your kitchen neutral in color.
  • Paint a light beige on your kitchen walls and complement it with earth tones in your kitchen lights, chairs, and textiles. This will help even the most contemporary kitchen look warm and inviting.

White Kitchen Walls

Who doesn’t like a crisp, white kitchen? White kitchen walls look clean, bright and work especially well in smaller kitchens by helping them feel larger. Keep in mind that if you paint your kitchen walls white, you will need to add some interesting or bold-colored accents to help your space feel less sterile and more inviting. Here are just some ideas for painting your kitchen walls white:

  • If you have white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and subway tile paint your walls white to make your space look brighter, on-trend, and minimalist. Then, add some subtle color to your space with brighter décor and accent pieces.
  • Paint kitchen walls white and pair them with brass accents for an updated “antique” look. Think brass range hoods, drawer and cabinet handles, and even brass cookware.
  • Pair oak floors and a butcher block counter with white walls and wooden cabinetry for a vintage-inspired cooking space.

Muted Yellow or Green on Kitchen Walls

While you may not think yellow or green paint colors are neutral, they can be if used in the proper way. Many homeowners choose to paint their kitchen walls in neutral shades that have just a bit of color to create low-key visual interest while keeping things sophisticated. Light greens on walls can bring a sense of serenity to a space, while muted yellows can add a cheerful glow. If you want to add just a bit more color to your walls, think about trying the following ideas in your kitchen:

  • Pair a sage green on your kitchen walls with white kitchen cabinets and white, subway tile backsplash to create a calming ambiance.
  • If you have stained wooden cabinets and trim, a lighter shade of green will complement the warm tones perfectly.
  • Paint your walls in a light yellow and pair the new color with your Douglas fir flooring or bamboo flooring to create perfect contrast.
  • Paint your walls in a pale “buttery” yellow and use teal or aqua decorative accents such as floor runners, chairs, and more fun pieces to liven up your space.

These are just some of our favorite kitchen wall painting ideas. No matter what neutral paint color you choose for your kitchen, the options for neutral walls, accents and decor are limitless.

Leave Kitchen Wall Painting to the Professionals

When you trust your kitchen painting project to professional interior wall painters, you can rest assured that your kitchen will look exactly as you envisioned it. At Sharper Impressions, we not only provide you with an experienced team of painters, but also offer free, professional paint color consultations to help you choose the right neutral for your kitchen walls, cabinets, and more. Get your free interior painting quote today!