Lime Wash Brick Transformation in Delaware Ohio

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Our most recent, and one of our favorite lime wash of brick projects, behold! ????

This customer knew they had the ability to transform their home into something incredibly stately.

The brick on this house in Delaware Ohio (just outside of Columbus) was over 25 years old, and the red/brown brick with beige mortar look had tired on the wife.

She had seen our previous lime wash work and asked for a free painting quote for their home.

She could only find one other painting company that did this particular type of limewash, where you let some of the brick color and texture bleed through. Our pricing was fair, so she signed up with no deposit, and that is when we got to work.

Our color consultant went out to the house to discuss what base color would be for the limewash. This would also be the base color of the stucco. Then, they discussed what color she wanted their trim and doors.

We had our masterful digital renderings graphic artist ‘paint’ the colors and limewash onto the house and emailed them over. She knew immediately she and the color consultant had found the perfect color scheme.

First, we tried a sample of the limewash on a three by three foot area for the customer to approve the thickness and the bleed-thru of the brick color. She loved our first attempt.

Next, we got to work applying 2 coats to the trim of the front of her home. Including painting her clad windows to blend with the wood trim.

We worked top to bottom, left to right on her lime wash, and by the time she got home that evening from work, the front of the house was done. She was in awe! The transformation was front and center, and the house unrecognizable.

We moved to the right side, painted the gutters, trim, and garage doors a brand new dark color with just enough shine.

We whitewashed the brick in the same consistency as the front.

On the last day, we tackled the enormous chimney. We were excited because we knew, standing at 25 feet tall, this would be a focal point of the new brick. Using the limewash up the chimney soared as expected with the new finish.

Finally, we matched the front door painting to the garage doors with a smooth finish, and the project is magnificent.

 lime wash brick in Delaware Ohio