Local church’s volunteer paint day

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Sharper Impressions Painting recently managed and ran a local church’s volunteer paint day.

40 volunteers showed up at Adventure Church this past Saturday morning to complete seven large rooms with brand new colors. Our loyal paint vendors worked with Sharper and came up with discounted prices on paint, brushes and rollers.

Our Sharper managers helped prepare and supervise the volunteers on the jobsite. All the volunteers were extremely receptive of instruction and worked hard to make the church look great. With multiple colors to apply and stiff cups of coffee, we got the church completed in half the time budgeted.

The positive energy that everyone brought to the newly remodeled church made the event fun and memorable. It was a fun event and everyone had a great time, especially knowing that they were doing work to help out the local church and community.

Attached are some pictures of volunteers slapping some paint on the walls during this productive, yet enjoyable day of painting.