Paint Color Trends for 2020: Why Chinese Porcelain is PPG’s 2020 Paint Color of the Year

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paint color of the year chinese porcelain Paint color trends come and go, and while every trend is fun in the moment, not every color has staying power beyond its moment in the spotlight. Fortunately, that’s not true of PPG’s 2020 paint color of the year, Chinese Porcelain. We’ve been seeing blues pop up more and more in bedrooms and family rooms, and this particular blue is a perfect blend of restful and relaxing while still feeling modern and fresh. 

Chinese Porcelain is PPG’s 2020 Paint Color of the Year

Chinese Porcelain is one of our favorite blues we’ve used recently on interior wall painting projects. This moody, inky blue is most at home in a bedroom, but can also work just as well in a living or family room. The color was chosen in response to consumers feeling stressed and overwhelmed by too much work, not enough sleep and a near-constant barrage of harmful blue light from screens. 

Chinese Porcelain feels modern but also calls to mind the restful vibes of the sky at twilight or a serene mountain lake. It is intended to pull nature in while pushing out anything else that feels hurried, rushed or over-stimulating. The color invokes a deep sigh of relief when you enter the room, offers a respite away from the clamor of daily life and leaves you with a sense of hope that tomorrow will be better.

How to Use and Style PPG’s Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain is the perfect bedroom color. It’s dark without being gloomy and is balanced to either stand alone against crisp white bedding, or serve as a complementary backdrop to your favorite pieces of art. We like seeing it paired with bright white crown molding and baseboards for a look that feels clean and striking at the same time. 

If your lifestyle won’t allow for white bedding (we know pets and kids can make this near impossible sometimes!), Chinese Porcelain works well with textured fabrics in earth tones (think natural jute rugs, wool blankets or linen duvets). For the more adventurous, Chinese Porcelain also looks great with metallics and velvets in shades of gold. 

Chinese Porcelain has a calming effect in living and family rooms, too. We’ve seen cavernous great rooms turned into cozy, family-friendly hideouts with Chinese Porcelain on the walls. This color works especially well against leather furniture, fluffy rugs and metal accessories. It can also handle bold pops of color if you want to balance its calming effect with a little movement. 

How to Paint with PPG’s Chinese Porcelain

We always recommend hiring a reputable painting company when painting a new room. With darker, saturated colors, a professional painter will make sure that the color is applied evenly and that great care is taken to ensure that no drips mar your window casings or baseboards. 

Plus, with a rich color like Chinese Porcelain, it makes sense to tackle an interior trim painting project at the same time and update your room’s trim color. We like when Chinese Porcelain is paired with a bright white. A professional can make sure every part of your newly painted room is absolutely perfect, allowing you to rest and relax in your new space as quickly as possible. 

Professional Interior Wall Painting

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