Painting Assisted Living Facilities: New Build & Existing

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Painting Assisted Living Facilities New Build and ExistingAn assisted living facility is a special place where seniors can comfortably reside while getting the health care they require. Because these communities are designed to be comfortable and peaceful, it’s important for facility operators to keep interior and exterior paint fresh. Drab, faded colors and peeling paint can make your building look uncared for which can turn off both current and future residents.

A painting company hired to paint the interior and exterior of a new build living facility must have plenty of manpower, lifts, large capacity spray rigs and the experience to move quickly with a quality finish.

Commercial Painters for Assisted Living Facilities: The Benefits

Entrusting your assisted living facility to professional commercial painters can improve the appearance of your building and ensure that your paint job lasts for years to come. Here are just some reasons why you should hire professionals:

They Are Insured, Licensed & Bonded

Commercial painters know how important it is to keep you, your property and their workers protected. This is why they will have all insurance, professional licenses and warranties needed before they begin your painting project. Your painting company should:

  • Provide a warranty covering labor and materials at the time you receive your painting quote.
  • Have a license issued by your state.
  • Offer full workers compensation.
  • Use the right painting equipment such as lifts and scaffolding to reach all heights safely during the painting project.
  • Be current on safety certifications including Fall Protection & Aerial Life Operation.
  • Have multi-million dollar general liability insurance coverages.
  • Be able to provide a bond, if needed.

They Offer Expert Painting Services

There are many important aspects involved in commercial painting. This is especially true for assisted living facilities and retirement communities. While you may think that any painting contractor or even your staff could get the project done adequately, hiring experts who are trained to offer the commercial painting services your project requires is the best way to guarantee a proper paint job. Commercial painters use the right tools and equipment and offer a variety of painting services to ensure a long-lasting paint job including:

  • Drywall & Masonry Repair
  • Caulking & Sealing
  • Power Washing
  • Interior Wall Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Wood Painting & Staining
  • Interior & Exterior Trim Painting
  • Window & Door Painting
  • Ceiling Painting

They Are Quick, Efficient & Flexible

Commercial painters understand that an assisted living facility is a community and home for your residents. This is why they prep and paint during the best hours for your staff and residents to minimize any disruptions. Whether you need them to paint on weekends, or evening shifts, commercial painters will do everything they can to accommodate your needs and schedule. For example, if there are other trades working at the same time, common in a new build environment, they will work around the dust, debris and other trades to keep the project moving forward and on schedule.

Commercial painters are also quick, efficient and put special care into painting senior living communities to not only keep your facility comfortable but provide your residents with a beautiful home they can be proud of.

They Use Low-Odor Paints

Many residents in senior living communities have compromised or sensitive respiratory systems. This is why professional painters will only use low-VOC paints to ensure that gases released from drying paint doesn’t harm your residents, staff, or painters. Low-VOC paints don’t contain volatile organic compounds which means they minimize “paint smell” and contribute to much better interior air quality.

They Keep Your Facility Clean & Protected

Your residents and staff shouldn’t have to deal with messes during or after a paint job. Commercial painters understand this and use every precaution to ensure your assisted living facility is protected from paint splatters and other messes that may arise during the painting process. Here are just some ways that commercial painters can keep your building clean throughout the project:

  • They will use drop cloths and other protective means to cover interior floors, furniture and decorative items.
  • They will expertly maneuver around overhead lighting fixtures and chandeliers to ensure paint stays on the surfaces they are painting.
  • They will give special care to cleaning up after themselves every day to minimize any disruptions to your residents and staff members.
  • On new builds, they will ensure that they don’t interfere with other trades who may be working around them at the same time.

Trust Professionals to Paint Your Assisted Living Facility

Commercial painters are focused on providing assisted living facilities with quick, efficient and beautiful paint jobs that last. If you’re looking for interior or exterior commercial painting services to maintain or refresh your assisted living facility or senior living community, look no further than Sharper Impressions. Our painters have over 25 years of experience, capabilities, specialized training and the right equipment to finish your project on time and on budget. Your residents are going to love the way their home looks after a paint refresh! Get your free commercial painting quote today!