Pesky Stucco House Painting Stains Fixed in Overland Park, KS – Case Study

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This is a great case study and we wanted to show the before and after of three (3) sides of the house to get you more of an overall feel of a full stucco house painting.

This customer in Overland Park, KS was referred by a neighbor that we painted one summer ago.

Prior to painting, we assisted them with a free in-home color consultation.  Our color consultant and Managers actually helped match some other stucco and trim colors in the neighborhood that had been approved by their HOA.

We submitted a few digital renderings for the home owner association board to review.

Once that was approved we could finally get to painting!


We needed to powerwash the home first because the stucco nooks and crannies had some mildew.
The trim was heavily oxidized from years in the sun.

With some pressurized water and specialty chemicals we killed off the mildew and washed off the chalking oxidizing residue.

Our master carpenter arrived a couple days later to replace some trim boards that had rotted out.
There were also some garage and door frames that had been hit and splintered our customer wanted replaced.

Then our paint team arrived!

Stucco House Painting Front

Stucco House Painting Front Overland Park, KS

Notice how when we provided a free painting quote in the before picture, it was a grey rainy day.
It was early in the Spring and the landscaping wasn’t even blooming yet.

This was the perfect before picture because the rain had left the tan stucco brown where it was wet.
This wet saturated look on the stucco was one of the reasons they called us for a painting quote.

The trim was an early 1990’s tan but it had a slight pink hue to it that builders used back then.
The window frames color was so close to the stucco, they just blended in.
We knew we wanted to highlight those with a new color.

The front door was the same drab trim color and had been greatly faded by the sun over the years.

We call the different color blocks on the corners of the stucco ‘coins.’
Every customer is different if they want to blend those coins in with the same color of the stucco, or highlight them the lighter trim color.
This customer opted to highlight them and they give a nice eloquence to the front of the house that we love.

The peak vents were lightened to draw attention to the peaks of this beautiful home.

Finally, the customer selected a very glossy, modern grey on the front door to give it one more highlighted look and a welcoming entrance.

Stucco House Painting Side

Stucco House Painting Side Overland Park, KS

See the color of the grass in early Spring compared to when we finished the paint job in the summer.
Drab and dreary, to bright and lively… just like this paint job.

A big question our customers ask is if they should highlight color their garage doors with trim or blend them in with the body color.
Since the 3 car garage is on the side of the home, we like the idea to trim them out and brighten them up.

Same situation with the small fence that hides the trash cans. Trimming that wood out was a good idea since there is not too much trim on this side of the house.

The four lower windows look good trimmed out in the off white because the window grids nearly match and give it some richness.

Stucco House Painting Back

Stucco House Painting Back Overland Park, KS

Notice all the vertical stains running onto the stucco under all the windows?
This is very normal for a stucco that has never been painted before.

Years of rain running down the windows and window frame trim cause this staining.

Once we paint stucco for the first time, all these stains are sealed and blocked forever.

The stucco paint we use is a special elastic paint that has a nice sheen to it.

It keeps water from penetrating, stains from appearing and mildew from growing.

It’s literally like waterproofing your stucco walls.

Look how much lighter and cleaner the stucco looks. While still keeping that masonry texture we all enjoy.

When we powerwashed, we also cleaned their back paver patio to get rid of dirt, grass growth and mildew.

The two stories of windows in the middle look stately with the off white trim and the window grids.

We painted the back door frames the same as the front door for some continuity.

The trim on this home should last around 10 years and the stucco around 20 years.

In Conclusion, We Want to Thank You!

  • Our color consultant for her expertise in getting this color change right for the home style and HOA.
  • Our digital rendering girl for all her options.
  • Our prep team of powerwashers and wood carpenters.
  • Our Managers & Painters from helping try on paint colors prior to starting to completing a punch out list to get the final product near perfect.

But most importantly, we want to thank our customer for their trust and business. They have a great looking paint job that will last a long time!

If you’re interested in having us work on your next painting project, contact us today for a free painting quote.

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