Simple House Exterior Painting Tips that Boost Curb Appeal

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The exterior of your home is the first thing you, your neighbors and potential new buyers notice. Between your paint, your landscaping and other exterior features (think porches, decks and fences), the outside of your house tells a story.

If you’ve re-painted the exterior of your home recently or if the paint is in good shape, you might not need to make drastic changes to freshen and update the exterior of your home. In fact, there are simple changes you can make to give your home’s exterior a facelift.

Simple House Exterior Painting Tips that Boost Curb Appeal

6 Simple Exterior Painting Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

What are some simple changes to update a house quickly? We recommend narrowing your focus and highlighting some of your home’s coolest features.

1. Shutter painting

These days, most people don’t use shutters as they were meant to be used historically. Windows have been given such high-tech updates, shutters aren’t a necessity for home protection like they used to be. Many homes, however, still have shutters as an architectural feature, and they can make a big aesthetic difference to the overall look of your home.

If your wood shutters are peeling or flaking, they’ll need some in-depth prep work to get them ready for paint. Or maybe you have vinyl and they’re just faded from years in the sun. Either way, a fresh coat of paint can give them new life and make your home look like new.

2. Door painting

There are few features that can have as much impact on the look of your home than your front door. Even if you’re a homeowner who rarely uses your front door, it’s still one of the first things guests, neighbors or buyers notice.

Front door updates can range from a coat of paint in the same color to cover scuffs and marks to a brand new shade and glossy sheen to make the door stand out. We love seeing exterior doors painted in a stately, classic off-black on older homes or in a pop of color in newer neighborhoods. Once your door is repainted, add a new welcome mat or a light fixture for a new way to say “welcome home.”

3. Front porch painting

Front porches are a highlight for many homeowners, but often are one of the last things to get updated. No matter the size of your front porch, painting or repainting it can be a great boost to your curb appeal. Plus, you might find it’s one of your new favorite places to sit during a summer evening.

Try freshening up your front porch in a bright new white to stand out against a darker exterior paint color. Or, try a darker paint color if you want to add a grounded, modern element to your exterior.

4. Fence and deck staining

Fences and decks sometimes go by the wayside as practical or functional parts of your home. But staining or re-staining your deck or fence can breathe new life into the exterior of your home. While these projects aren’t necessarily as simple as painting your front door, they can give much needed life to your outdoor living space.

5. Power washing

Power washing is an oft-overlooked way to up curb appeal for your home. When done properly, power washing can lift off years of dirt, grime, wear and tear from the exterior of your home, siding, driveway, fence and porch. We strongly recommend, however, that you hire a professional to power wash your home. When done improperly, power washing can strip paint or finishes from your siding or decking, leaving you with a home that’s technically “clean” but decidedly worse for wear. A good pressure washing will make your home shine!

6. Exterior wood repair

Rotted fascia boards, delaminating siding or damaged decking might not be immediately visible to the eye, but they still lend a tired vibe to the exterior of your home. Replacing or repairing rotted or damaged wood can not only boost your curb appeal, it can save you some major structural repairs down the road. Engage a professional for this project; they’ll make sure their work isn’t merely for aesthetic purposes.

Contrary to what home television shows might tell us, giving your house great curb appeal can be a years-long process. These are some quicker updates, however, that can be accomplished in a few days. No matter which project you’re ready to tackle to update your home’s exterior, hire a professional to help you get the job done. A reputable company will offer free quotes and will make sure you enjoy your “quick fix” finished project for years to come.

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