Tips for Painting Exposed Ceilings: 5 Ideas for Painting an Exposed Ceiling

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painting an exposed ceiling blackNot all ceilings are beautiful…but they can be! They might not reach Sistine Chapel greatness, but you can transform an exposed ceiling from an eyesore into either something you don’t notice at all or into a statement piece of your home or business.

Exposed ceilings can be tricky, though, depending on the size of your room or building, the height of the ceiling and the look you’re hoping to accomplish. You’ll likely want to hire a commercial painting service to get the job done right.  

Tips and Ideas for Painting Exposed Ceilings 

In the meantime, here are 5 ideas for painting an exposed ceiling in your basement or business.

Always Paint an Exposed Ceiling 

First, we always recommend painting an exposed ceiling, regardless of your situation, basement or business. Painting an exposed ceiling does several things for your space, including curbing dust and dirt, stopping fallout or debris and sealing the ceiling material (this is especially important in older or historic buildings). Even an exposed metal ceiling can use a coat of paint to help prevent rust. 

So before you get into thinking about exactly what kind of statement you want your ceiling to make (even if it’s none at all), make sure you paint anyway. It will save you a lot of hassle (and money) in the long run. 

Paint an Exposed Ceiling Monotone

One of the ways to make an exposed ceiling disappear is to paint it the same color as the walls. This strategy is especially effective in unfinished basements and larger commercial spaces. An all-white painted unfinished basement and ceiling can help you feel more organized with your storage or even provide a backdrop for a great playroom or laundry room. 

A muted out beige or gray commercial space and ceilings can help you keep the focus on your product or services without the ceiling feeling like an eyesore.

Paint an Exposed Ceiling Black

Many home and business owners choose to paint exposed ceilings black, and for good reason. A black painted exposed ceiling can truly make any imperfections or ugliness disappear. We recommend this approach specifically for spaces that already have a lot of natural light or great overhead lighting, as a black painted exposed ceiling can make a small space feel cramped.

Black is especially popular with industrial style church ceilings. We’ve also found that exposed ceilings in bars and restaurants with metal trusses and hvac tubes look great painted black. Gyms or activity centers with expansive ceilings can create a “focus on the present” vibe with a black painted ceiling. 

Black is also a transformative color for new-use spaces, like old retail shops transformed into game centers or escape rooms. It’s a savvy way to modernize a space without breaking the budget. Black painted ceilings also work well in revitalized old warehouses or large buildings that are repurposed into shared workspaces or office spaces. It helps retain the vintage feeling of the space while keeping the space a “blank canvas” for multiple types of businesses to move in and make the space their own. 

Bottom line: painting an exposed industrial ceiling black is a great strategy for many types of businesses and buildings. It keeps the eye away from imperfections and focused instead on any events happening on a lower plane.

Use a Statement Color to Paint Your Exposed Ceiling 

One of our favorite things to do for creative businesses (or homeowners!) is paint an exposed ceiling in a statement color. We love a pop of yellow or orange on exposed steel beams and struts, especially against white block walls. It adds an element of color into your business or home without overwhelming the eye. 

Go Bright and Light on an Exposed Ceiling

If you’re dealing with a dark basement or commercial space with little or no natural lighting, paint your exposed ceiling in bright, light colors. A bright white can bring light into the room all on its own (plus it “feels” clean in industrial or commercial spaces). A light grey can also work on an exposed basement ceiling. We really love seeing bright whites in older factory buildings with exposed wood ceilings. The color allows you to still see and enjoy the history of the building and architecture while breathing new life into the space. 

Painting an exposed ceiling requires professional painting help, no matter which direction you choose to go. For very high ceilings, you may need a high set up (scaffolding) and/or a special paint called dryfall or drydrop. Plus, painting exposed ceilings will require extensive prep work to ensure that everything underneath is either cleared from the room or covered appropriately to protect from fallout. Most reputable painting companies will give you a free exposed ceiling painting quote and will work quickly so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Get Expert Help Painting Your Exposed Basement or Industrial Ceiling

Our professional exposed ceiling paint experts are ready to help you paint your basement, warehouse or industrial exposed ceiling. We offer free consultations and work quickly so you can get back to business as quickly as possible. Contact us today for a free exposed ceiling painting quote.