What is the Best Interior Paint Color for Selling a House?

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Interior Wall Paint Colors That Boost Resale Value

What is the Best Interior Paint Color for Selling a House?

If you’re planning to sell your house, one of the most effective ways to boost resale value is to paint your home interior. Many homeowners make the mistake of overlooking this important part of selling their home. According to a 2017 National Association of Realtors survey, 68 percent of realtors recommend painting interior walls before putting a home on the market.

Fresh paint on your walls can make your home look more inviting and newer which can reduce the amount of nitpicking and negotiating from homebuyers if they notice minor interior wear and tear. A quick interior paint refresh can be relatively inexpensive and offer up to a 107% return on investment when you sell. But, what is the best interior paint color for selling a house? The following guide will help you select paint colors that are sure to increase your home’s resale value.

Best Interior Paint Colors That Sell Houses

Before you list your home, take a look at your current interior paint colors. Are they bright? Nontraditional? Neutral? Colors that are too bold can put off potential buyers and drive the price of your home down. But, covering up brighter colors with a coat or two of the right neutral hues, or simply refreshing the neutral paint you already have on your walls, can be your best bet when selling a house.

Muted and neutral tones can make a great impression on home buyers who likely won’t want to paint over brighter colors as soon as they move in. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, either. Try the following ideas to subtly transform your space and add warmth to every room.

Greige (Gray & Beige)

Perfect for: Living Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Entryways, Hallways, Foyers & Bathrooms 

Greige (a mixture of gray and beige) is a sought-after paint color for many home buyers. It’s considered the ultimate neutral as it gives off a cozy warmth that you can’t get with beige alone. Greige goes with everything, so when your buyers move in, they can rest assured that their furniture and home decor won’t clash against the walls.

Look for greige hues that mix warm gray with a hint of brown for the perfect, neutral wall color for your living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

Light Gray

Perfect for: Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Entryways, Hallways, Foyers

While dark and slate grays are trendy colors for living areas, these colors aren’t the best for increasing your home’s resale value. If you enjoy the look of gray walls, a lighter gray can be the perfect balance and create a nice base for any home buyer to build upon. The best thing about light gray paints are that they complement most furniture colors and also allow for bright pops of color elsewhere, such as boldly patterned throw pillows and colorful wall decor.

Muted Yellow

Perfect for: Kitchens

While many homeowners think that they should stick to white in their kitchens, white can often come off as too stark for potential buyers. A muted yellow can be a great alternative to bright white. Yellow may not be a standard neutral paint color, but a soft yellow can create just a hint of color on your walls and lend a cheerful, understated glow to your kitchen.

Creamy or wheat-colored yellows are the most neutral and will appeal to the tastes of most home buyers.

White or Light Beige

Perfect for: Any Room

Safe, conservative colors like white or light beige help potential homebuyers envision what color they might choose for the walls later. It’s important to note that while white paint can be a sound choice for interior walls, you have to be careful that the white you choose isn’t too stark. If you want white walls in your kitchen, or other area of your home, it’s best to look for whites with warm undertones (think lighter, creamy greige hues). Choosing white paint with warm undertones can still help your space look clean and bright, yet less sterile and more inviting to home buyers.

When in Doubt, Ask for Help

If you still can’t decide on the right paint color, it’s always wise to ask your realtor for advice. Realtors are experts at selling homes and know which paint colors can help get you the best offer. They will also inform you if any walls in your home need painted over before your home hits the market.

Choosing Which Rooms to Paint

When staging your home for selling, you may not have the time or extra cash to paint every single room of your home — and that’s okay! In this situation, it’s best to focus on painting the three most important rooms: your living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. These spaces are typically the most used in a home, so a neutral paint color refresh of all three can increase your home’s value and boost your chances of securing a home buyer quickly.

Don’t Forget the Exterior of Your Home, Too

Once you have the perfect paint colors on your walls, you want to ensure that potential home buyers come inside to take a look around. Curb appeal is paramount when trying to sell your home. If a potential buyer arrives at your house to see a weathered, outdated exterior, they likely won’t bother coming inside. Depending on your location, exterior painting can net you a return between 90 and 112% ROI.

Interior House Painters Help Boost Home Resale Value

When you decide to list your home on the market, you may think that the most cost-effective solution to interior painting would be to do it yourself. But, hiring professional house painters is a must when you are looking to boost your home’s resale value. Professional painters are experts at prepping and painting interior spaces of all types to ensure your home is painted properly and looks great during and well beyond the selling process. Plus, they even offer in-home paint color consultations with experts who can help you choose the perfect colors for your walls. Get started by requesting a free painting quote today!