Why Spring is a Great Time to Paint Your Exterior

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Spring Painting

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining — what better time to spruce up your home’s exterior? If you’ve been meaning to refresh your exterior paint job, now’s a great time to hire a painting professional for the job. Once it’s complete and you’re gazing at your home’s new look, you’ll be glad you took the time to make it happen.

A home’s upkeep is crucial for maintaining (or improving) it’s value, look and feel. Not only can paint cover years of wear and tear, dirt, mold, or mildew — it can also give your place an updated and trendy look. It hides imperfections and makes the home look clean. You’ll have neighbors and passersby saying “wow” as they witness the transformation.

Why Paint in the Spring?

Spring Painting 2

Here are more reasons to give your home a fresh, painted exterior this spring:

If you’ve been cooped up all winter, here’s your chance to get outside.

Are you itching to get outdoors after staying in most of the winter? Since the weather is more tolerable now, you can enjoy being outside while supervising your home’s exterior makeover. Who says you can’t be productive while being outside?

Daylight lasts longer, so you have more time.

Now that we’ve “sprung ahead” for Daylight Saving Time, the sun sets later in the evening. That means more daylight hours for a painting professional to get the job done. And rather than wait until the longest days of the year in June (when the weather is hot), spring is cool and comfortable. The mild temperatures and fresh air are perfect companions for your home’s facelift.

Springtime is all about renewal.

Those flower bulbs you planted last fall are finally blooming, big and bold. The trees are sprouting buds that will soon turn to leaves. The snow has melted away and the grass is green again. Everything is fresh and new. Why not model that trend with your home? Give it the refresh you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

Prep when the weather is mild.

Spring Painting 3

What’s happening weather-wise on the day(s) your painter works has a huge impact on the quality and longevity of a paint job. Because a great exterior paint job relies on prep work done right, take this time to hire a professional who handles the prep, as well. Think about tasks like pressure-washing and repairing damaged areas. That way your home is ready for the professional to paint on a warm, late spring or early summer day.

Spring paint colors are fresh, vibrant, and fun.

If you’re hiring a professional to prep and paint your home’s exterior, why not pick a color that truly “wows”? For example, now is the perfect time to try one of the newer trendy greens or jewel tones. Or what about painting your exterior doors, trim and porch railings a bright burst of color, like red, yellow or turquoise? Spring is a time of change, both for mother nature and for your home.

If you’re ready to start your spring exterior painting but need more advice on how to best approach the project, read our blog post on spring painting tips.

Professional Exterior Spring Painting Services

Spring Painting 4

Our exterior paint experts are ready to help you tackle your home painting projects this spring. From prep to final coat, we provide all you need for exterior painting, as well as door and trim painting to make your home look its very best. Contact us today for a free painting quote.