Holiday Hosting Deserves a Fresh Coat of Paint

The next six weeks are an ideal time to give your entertaining spaces an affordable makeover – to update your home in anticipation of a joyous holiday season. A professional paint job is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home for family and friends and, you are guaranteed to get the best price of the year from your paint contractor.

Often, if you find the right painting contractor, December pricing can save you 20-30% on all types of interior paint jobs. Late November through mid-December is a transitional time for most painters who find themselves booking only interior painting projects. As they finish up exterior jobs, this is a perfect time for you to take advantage of their schedule and get some much needed sprucing up done in time for the holidays.

Here are some important tips:

  • Have you ever considered giving a fresh paint job to a spouse or loved one for the Holidays? Most paint contractors can give you a quote secretly, you can sign the painting agreement and then either have the area painted before or after the holiday. A fun and unique gift. And you don’t have to spend your winter weekends painting rooms!
  • For paint contractors who are busy finishing exteriors, they have open spaces to fill on rainy days. If you can be flexible and allow your contractor to work with you on bad-weather days, you’ll probably see an even greater discount. We have seen HALF OFF when customers are flexible.
  • Allow at least a week for the color selection process. Good paint contractors can help you select colors and will allow FREE color try-ons to make your decision easier. Remember, once the color is selected it will be there for a long time, so enjoy your color selection process.