How to know your home is ready for a paint job

We already know the many advantages of giving your home a nice new coat of paint. It enhances the curb appeal, gives it a fresh new look, and helps to lift the mood of the whole neighborhood. And it’s not just about aesthetics. The most important reason to paint your home is to protect the walls, wood and trim, and extend the life of your beloved property.

But how do you know when your home is ready for a new coat of paint? It is a big job to paint a house after all, and you really don’t want to pay out for unnecessary work. The problem is it can be hard to get a definite answer about how often a house will need painting. This is because how often a paint job is needed depends on certain factors- where you live, what your house is made of and how good a job was done last time. These variables need to be examined. Ask yourself some questions.

How’s the weather?

When buying a home, location is everything — people want to live in a friendly, attractive neighborhood, with good schools, nearby shopping and conveniences. But not many people know that the location can also affect how often you’re going to need to paint the exterior of a building. If your home is by the sea, it will be exposed to more sun, salty sea air and sand-laden winds that blast the walls. Painting a beachside house can be an annual job. Strong sunshine can cause paint to bubble and fade over time, especially if it’s oil-based. In places like the Mid Atlantic or New England, cold weathers and hot humid summers can make the surface of your walls expand and contract, so even the best quality paint can crack after a few seasons.

How does your house look?

Now that Spring is just about here, it’s time to take a walk around your house and examine it carefully. If you’re in a cold region, check to see if the paint is peeling or the caulk between the wood and brick work is separating. Check for spots of exposed woodwork and spots of mold where snow may have collected over winter. In a hotter region, you need to be on the lookout for cracking stucco around windows, wood rot and caulk that is starting to deteriorate or become brittle. Mildew that keeps returning despite power washing is another warning sign. Mildew resistance diminishes over time and needs keeping an eye on.

Exposed wood will rot, and if this has already happened it needs replacing or it will compromise the structure of your home. Mold and mildew will spread if not treated to kills spores, and stucco will start to crumble if water can breach through to the cement. If you spot any of these warning signs, it’s time to reach for the paint brushes or call in a professional team.

What is your house made out of?

Wooden sidings on a building should be repainted every 3-7 years or stained at least every 4 years or so. But aluminum siding should be good for 5 years between paint jobs. If you choose to paint brick work, a good job could last up to 20 years if professionally done.

Is your house the neighborhood joke?

It’s nice to have a standout property but if everyone for miles around knows your house for its crazy garish paint job it may be time to tone things down, especially if you’re planning to move any time soon. Of course it’s nice to express yourself through your home, but if this means dayglo walls and polka dot window frames you could end up causing some resentment among those people living closest to you, who feel you are driving house prices down and attracting camera wielding sightseers with your eccentric dwelling. Bring out your personality with your interior decor and fit in with nearby homes with a lick of paint on the exterior.

If you want a professional paint job that can add years to your house’s lifespan and hundreds of dollars to its value, talk to the professionals at Sharper Impressions Painting. We can give you a paint job that lasts for years.