One of our favorites of all time! Phenomenal! – Before and After

One of our favorites of all time!  Phenomenal!

This customer had some mortar and moisture issues with their hundreds of years old brick. We used a special brick primer/sealer as the first coat. Then a bright white with some sheen as the top coat.

The portions of stucco were distracting, so we blended that all white with the tudor  boards. The brick around the front door archway was accented with a new color to keep the historical look.

If you look closely, you can see how much brighter the screened porch is now. The charcoal black trim really works with the window frames. We put a nice gloss black on the metal roof section, the flashing and the wrought iron handrails.

The customer had us remove their old storm door to bring some more light to the front door. Everything is cleaner, brighter and more secure now for decades to come!