Our Office Face Lift

Our Office Face Lift The first quarter of 2015 has been a blitz of upgrades for Sharper Impressions Painting.

We launched a new and improved website. We also released a new app that helps our customers choose paint colors. Something was still missing, however, as we were getting ready to kick off the season. After 10 years of owning our office and warehouse space, we felt that she deserved a bit of a face lift. So, most recently, we refreshed the front two story area with some new signage.

Tarps and Space Heating

New Door Sign. Welcome Everyone!


Mother Nature always runs the show in our seasonal business. Sometimes, however, we can beat her at her own game. The front door decal was installed on a bitter cold morning in late Winter. This task required the door to be heated with a bunch of tarps and a warm space heater. We learned this trick by painting our customers doors on colder days. On this frigid day, we overcame adversity and got our new door sign installed to welcome our painters and customers.

The installation of the new building sign was next. We spent a few days removing the old sign, obtain ing accurate measurements, and successfully hanging the new sign. We are proud to have our new signs up for the next 10 years. For more tours of our office & staff, visit our staff page here.

Old Sign Coming Down

Jeff, Jessica and Tim raising The New Sign

The New Sign on a clear blue sky day