Sharper Impressions Painting Delivers Collected Goods to Local Food Bank to Help this Holiday Season

Sharper Impressions Painting delivers two truck beds full of collected goods to the local food bank. A local food drive resulted in records amount of food being donated by Sharper staff and other community members to help those in need.

“During the winter months and especially around the holidays, it’s important to remember and help those less fortunate,” explained Sharper Impressions Founder Geoff Sharp. “I like to get all the staff to work together for such a vital cause.”

For every one pound of food donated, one meal is given to someone who needs it. Through the local food drive, 2,240 pounds of food were donated, creating an incredible 2,240 meals. With the help of Sharper Impressions and the local community, the food bank is able to feed over two thousand people.

Sharper Impressions Painting finds new ways every year to expand their community outreach. As a proud member of the local community, Sharper Impressions accepts the responsibility to help others and stay involved around town.