Sharper Impressions Painting Enjoys April Fools Day Pranks

The Sharper Impressions Painting Family likes to have fun on April Fools Day. Whether it’s the annual one-upper, or even getting tricked by our paint vendors, Sharper Impressions knows how to laugh and enjoy.

Founder Geoff Sharp was completely caught off guard when one of the manager’s wives called to inform him of her husband’s terrible misfortune; it seemed that his arm was bitten very badly by a dog. Geoff was shocked and concerned until he heard those famous words, “April Fools!” After Sharp’s trick last year, this was clearly sweet revenge. Sharp took the prank in stride and had some fun with it; he bought a bloodied, plastic arm and mailed it to the manager with a warning inside. “Happy April Fools Day. You better watch your back next year…”

This year Sharper Impressions Painting own paint vendor called frantically concerned because due to the shortage of paint cans available, they would be unable to supply paint for the next two months. The Sharper team quickly realized that this was just a trick and that clearly the games had begun.

Later on, Dean Yoder, was quite upset when he was checking his calendar and saw five quotes were booked in thirty minute time slots and were on completely opposite sides of town. After twenty minutes on the phone with plenty of reasons why this would never work, he heard “April Fools” on the other end of the line.