Sharper Impressions Painting Outlines How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Sharper Impressions Painting wants to help you protect your home throughout the winter season. Thanks to paint technology, we are now able to apply most exterior paints and stains in temperatures as low as 35°F, allowing homes to be painted much further into cooler months than before.

A fresh coat of house paint in the fall may also be your last chance to protect your home from moisture and impending wood rot that often takes place during winter months. Failing to take the necessary steps to protect your home can be very costly. If a home goes unpainted through the winter, you may end up with extensive wood damage that could cost thousands to repair or replace. The easiest way to prevent this is with a fresh coat of paint before winter weather sets in. A good paint job in the fall could protect your home for ten years or longer.

Getting any current wood rot fixedcaulking to fill holes and gaps, and painting done prior to winter will also help save on heating bills throughout the season. By protecting and sealing these surfaces, it helps insulate the interior and prevents excess heat from escaping.

Another advantage to painting your home this time of year is less foliage that could get in the way of painting all the surfaces.  Think of your largest tree or bush around your home, are the leaves and branches near the siding of the house?  In the fall, these leaves are bare and because it is easier to paint, this saves you money.   Also, for a minimal fee, we can clean your gutters of any leaves or debris to help prevent clogging of your gutters and downspouts.  We are already on site, with our ladders, why have us clean out your gutters for you.  It is safer and economical.

Contact Sharper Impressions Painting today to discuss protecting your home from wood rot and the types of paint we can use to paint your house into the fall. We can schedule a free and quick painting quote for you this fall season!