Sharper Impressions Painting Uses Bee Boxes to Help Sustain the Local Bee Population

The Sharper Impressions Painting office has been embracing the recent warm weather and looking forward to enjoying another great Spring Season. With warmer temperatures finally here and flowers starting to bloom, the Sharper Impressions family was ecstatic to see the escalating problem with Colony Collapse Disorder did not affect their bee population.

Sensitive to recent reports on the negative effects of Colony Collapse Disorder within the global honey bee population, a team of employees installed and painted bee boxes at the Sharper Impressions Painting home office a year ago. This disorder, caused by a combination of disease and shrinking habitats, has scientists concerned over maintaining worldwide pollination rates.

Simple bee boxes costing a few hundred dollars attract bees, enabling the critical work of pollinating seeds. The first hive of the year is thriving and the buzzing bees have already gone through twelve pounds of sugar water. They are anxiously finding the flowers that have bloomed and pollinating has begun.  Just like our painters, the bees are back to work outside!