Sharper Impressions Spruces Up Holiday In Express

Continental breakfast and a comfy bed are some of the amenities guests appreciate while staying at a Holiday Inn Express. What is often overlooked is the exterior of the hotel, which is the first impression that a guest will have upon arriving at their destination.

Our team of commercial painters spruced up the exterior of a Holiday Inn Express in Fishers, Indiana and Olathe, Kansas. The project took six weeks to complete. Our team of 60 commercial painters across two states replaced the color on the exterior of the hotels.

In the business world, first impressions are crucial. It can be the difference between getting a new customer or being passed up due to a competitor. This is why the Holiday Inn project was so important to our staff.

“Fine job by the whole Sharper team of refreshing our hotel and exterior brand colors,” remarked Corey, the Holiday Inn Express project manager in Fishers.

“I was VERY happy with the entire process, from start to finish. Undoubtedly having Sharper bid our next upcoming project,” remarked Tory, the project manager in Olathe.

Just like many hotel guests turn into repeat customers, we look forward to continue working with Holiday Inn Express. We have worked with some of the worlds largest companies and government properties, including Costco, Best Buy, Ford Dealers, Bonefish Grill, City Hall and now the Holiday Inn.

The next time someone asks, “did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express,” we will simply reply back, “not last night, but we did paint it!“