Why You Should Have Your Home Power Washed

Whether you’re planning on scheduling a paint job in the near future or your home has made it through the winter only to be looking a little worse for wear, power washing is your go-to solution. For starters, if you’re considering a paint job, then you will need to have your home power washed so that new paint will stick to the surfaces. Dirty surfaces (even ones that don’t look particularly grimy) won’t hold the paint securely, and it’s highly likely that all you’ll end up with is a nasty case of mass peeling. It’s important to note that any reputable painter will offer prepping and power washing as standard practice before painting.

Even if you’re not considering painting your home at the moment, having your house power washed at least once a year will give your exterior a whole new lease of life. Power washing blasts away dirt, leaves, mildew, mold, cobwebs and all the other tell-tale signs that your home is constantly exposed to adverse weather and environmental conditions.

Improve the appearance of your home

On a purely cosmetic front, power washing makes your home appear more inviting. A well cared-for home and yard is a far more pleasant environment in which to live, spend your leisure time or raise your family. Not only that, but your neighbors will thank you too. Shabby houses that don’t appear to be tended to not only have a detrimental affect on property prices, but can negatively impact on the neighborhood as a whole. In a worst-case scenario, a perceived lack of community pride can even encourage anti-social behavior and lead to a rise in crime.

Enhance your curb appeal

If you’re considering moving home, hiring a professional power washer before you start scheduling viewings is a great idea. It goes without saying that the better condition of your property and the more care it receives, the more impressed potential buyers will be. And that makes it all the more likely that you’ll get a quick sale – and one that is closer to your asking price.

Other outside areas

While you’re having the exterior of your home power washed, you may want to consider including other parts of your property too. Gutters and roofing also benefit from periodic washes, as do driveways, decking, walkways, fencing and standalone buildings such as sheds. A professional wash will rid paving, concrete, decks and other wooden structures of dirt, debris and grime that has infiltrated cracks, giving a cleaner appearance to the entire outside of your property.

Increase the longevity of your property

Power washing is not just about looking good; it is also about keeping your home in prime physical condition too. A buildup of mold, mildew, bird or animal droppings, chalking or pollutants is not doing any favors for your brickwork, woodwork or any other aspect of your home’s construction. And if left unchecked, this gunk can begin to cause damage, discoloration, chalking, oxidization or decay.

How often should I have my home power washed?

It is recommended that you have your home’s exterior professionally power washed on an annual basis; however, this does depend on external factors such as the climate, recent weather conditions, and the location of your home – in particular your proximity to busy roads with high levels of exhaust fumes, industrial pollution, and even open fireplaces. If these things are taking a toll on your property’s appearance, it may be worth considering a bi-annual wash.

If your home is looking less than stellar, you’re preparing to sell up and relocate, or you want to know more about paint jobs and power washing, get in touch with your local Sharper Impressions team and we’ll be happy to advise you on your next course of action.